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Like Mamma Chia? Try their Chia Squeeze, part 1

If you’re a Mamma Chia fan like me, you know you have to keep Mamma Chia refrigerated to maintain its delicious flavor and nutritional value. There’s nothing more rewarding than a nice cold bottle of Mamma Chia when you need a snack and a little extra burst of energy.

Chia Squeeze
Mamma Chia

But there are times when you want a chia boost and refrigeration is not available. Or maybe your Mamma Chia keeps mysteriously disappearing from the family/dorm/fraternity/sorority fridge. There’s nothing worse than saving your favorite flavor of Mamma Chia for a special treat, only to find that it has been taken. Well, Mamma Chia fans, now you have another option—Chia Squeeze.

Chia Squeeze is a drinkable chia gel in a resealable squeeze pouch, and it needs no refrigeration, although you can chill it if you like. I haven’t tried chilling it yet, but it’s probably more gel-like and less liquid when chilled. All the things it’s hard to use Mamma Chia for, Chia Squeeze is great for. It’s perfect for hiking, car trips, camping trips, biking trips, or any other kind of travel. You can put it in your child’s lunchbox, toss one into your own lunch bag, or keep a stash hidden where no one can find it—in your closet, under the floorboards, or in another secret hiding place. Don’t tell anyone where that is.

There’s a lot to love about Chia Squeeze. It’s smaller, for one thing. At 3.5 ounces, it’s a right-size snack for when you just need a little something. Compared with the 10-oz. Mamma Chia, it’s a modest serving, great for a quick snack or a child’s treat. If you count calories, you’ll love the fact that each pouch is only 70-80 calories and has only about 7 grams of naturally-occurring sugars—half the amount that a bottle of Mamma Chia contains. Yet, that pouch contains 1,200 mg of omega-3’s.

The ingredients are mainly chia seeds, fruits, and vegetables. All the flavors I tried contained banana. Plus, Chia Squeeze is vegan, gluten-free, CERTIFIED non-GMO, certified USDA organic, and the pouch is BPA-free. I’ve recently written to several other supposed “health food” companies to complain about the non-organic, GMO ingredients in their products. There is absolutely nothing in any of Mamma Chia’s products that will harm your health. We’re talking healthy here.

It’s becoming harder and harder to find authentic health foods, because big manufacturers are jumping on the profitable health foods bandwagon and making natural-sounding foods that are still filled with the stuff we don’t want to eat. Mamma Chia is one of the shining exceptions, with an abundance of health-promoting ingredients and nothing you will want to avoid. If you like Mamma Chia, give Chia Squeeze a try. It’s handy, nutritious, and will add a spike of flavor to a variety of other foods.

You can visit the Mamma Chia web site to look at the products available, including Chia Squeeze, Mamma Chia, black or white chia seeds, and the new book Chia Vitality. You can join the mailing list, try some free recipes from the book, and request some coupons. The Our Story tab will explain how Mamma Chia CEO Janie Hoffman got started with her products, and the Store Finder tab will tell you where to find the products. Or you can order online directly from the site.

I'm not surprised that Mamma Chia won Best Retail Brand of the Year. It's already been the best retail brand of my year. In a sea of phony "natural" brands, Mamma Chia is the real thing, and its products taste great!

For more on Chia Squeeze flavors and uses, see Part 2.

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