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Like magic DC lands big star as Black Adam in Shazam

Dwayne Johnson will look to pound the pulp out of Shazam!
DC Comics

Mere weeks ago Dwayne Johnson voiced his struggles with the DC Comics project he is attached to star in. The million dollar question revolved around whether he would play the youthful adult form of Billy Batson, known as Shazam (yes originally Captain Marvel) or his arch enemy Black Adam. Taking to Twitter, Johnson announced his casting for the upcoming film.

It is official; the DC Universe has Dwayne Johnson as the ravenous Black Adam. DC lands a big star to help boost a lesser known superhero in the upcoming film based upon Shazam! Question remain as who will land the lead role of the Justice League member.

Dwayne as Black Adam is a perfect choice. For the DC Universe, having a notable star as a villain brings not just star power, but a somewhat unknown character to the average movie goer, to the forefront to help expand the DC Universe. Not only does he have the brawn, but he can unleash a savory nefarious demeanor. It has been awhile since The Rock has played the antagonist, maybe since 2005's Doom, but there is no better role than now to shock and awe audiences.

Since we have our dark anti-hero, who will play the humorous yet starry eyed hero? Shazam is known for his super strength, flight, and magical powers, but this is twofold. Sure a young scrawny actor will protray Billy Batson, though which actor can be have the willfulness of a hero, yet the cheesy grin of a teenage?

Maybe True Blood's Jason Stackhouse a.k.a. Ryan Kwanten could be Shazam. Ryan may be more of a fit for a The Flash as Wally West, than the magical hero, though he may be a nice thought. Kwanten has the boyish banter that may just work, just please dye the hair black if he get the part. It will be interesting to see who is cast as the lead in the film.

If unfamiliar with Shazam here is a brief history. Created in 1939 by C.C. Beck and Bill Parker, Shazam originally was showcased as Captain Marvel. As a young boy, he was granted mystical powers by a great wizard, which when Billy cries out Shazam, he transforms into the adult hero. Brawn as foreground, enough to bash Supes, his useful electric god-like powers can keep villains at bay. More recently, Captain Marvel's name was changed to the magic spell chant, Shazam!

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