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Identity: New Arkansas Razorback uniforms

I'm ready for the new Razorbacks uniforms. They are sleek, innocent, sexy and just the right color to have a little fun. The boys wear white pants, the girls wear dark bottoms. The guy's look says bleeding heart, innocent body. While the lady players' new uniforms say "experienced women on the field".

Nike designs athletic wear for optimum performance.
Nike designs athletic wear for optimum performance.
Sporting Life Arkansas
A new look for the Razorbacks

"It's a new identity" the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville says.

NCAA sports is serious business. It is the packaging and management of some of the nation's most athletic and enduring bodies.

The new Razorback designs are a Nike partnership. Sleek enough that the old uniforms are long forgotten. If these colors on film and video are not bright red while playing in the hot sun on televised Saturday afternoons, non-fans will check the games this season.

Unlike bright red, the dark maroon is intimidating. Bloody Hogs are gross. But bright red on an angry Chicago Bull is masculine and cute.

Identity is real for the University of Arkansas. A good example of Southern collegiate identity may be found in the uninspiring "God is Not Dead" movie. The couple in that movie are separated and divided by their differing notions of success. University of Arkansas has been around since the 1800s, the sports uniforms since the twenties. Today the school is saying evolutions are welcome.

"When you dress good, you feel good," Razorback men's basketball coach Mike Anderson said of the new uniforms.

Nike's challenge is to reduce, if not completely squash player performance excuses. Losing athletes cite skis, cleats, and field conditions, but executives and management can't make excuses when their athletes grind in uniforms that work against the body.

Nike designs to free the athlete's body. Schools should design curriculums the same way. Some educators and some colleges design classes that free a student's mind and fill that mind with assured hope for a successful lifepath within diverse, talented, professional realms.

I've always considered a team called "Hogs" unpalatable because I was raised in a Washington Redskins NFL family of fans. I do not eat pork as it is not kosher in Judaism or Islam. This refusal is my symbolic, yet hopeful contribution to Arab Jewish unity and peace.

In my Washington Redskins' family household, I grew up thinking that "Hog" meant the ball as did the word "Skin" because the ball is leather and the leather is pig's skin. Consequently, I don't have any Razorback paraphernalia. I love the exciting and new and it's really exciting when I see car plates and homes wrapped in team logos other than the Razorbacks.



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