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Like Hitler before, roll call of nations Putin may 'protect' his fellow Russians

Translation of photo: "War - Putin Speaks Like Hitler"

Translation: War - Putin speaks like Hitler.

Leaders of the Russian Federation have made no bones about it: Mother Russia has every intention of "protecting" ethnic-Russian minorities outside of the Federation as evidenced by current and recent military incursions, as reported by The Washington Post on Mar. 4, 2014, and the British Broadcasting Corporation on Aug. 5, 2008.

At a recent press conference held at his residence outside of Moscow, Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke of the sizable ethnically -Russian population currently residing in the sovereign Ukrainian soil of the Crimean Peninsula as well as the eastern regions of the nation:

We retain the right to use all available means to protect those [Russian] people.

Prior to the Russian invasion of the Republic of Georgia in 2008, Russian Special Ambassador Yuri Popov was quoted:

If events develop according to the worst-case violence scenario, Russia will not allow itself to remain indifferent, considering that Russian citizens live in South Ossetia, particularly in the conflict zone.

Two days later, war broke out between postage stamp-sized Georgia and the Russian giant.

Everything old is new again ...

Using the excuse of protecting the ethnically-Germanic Volksdeutsche residing outside the borders of das Deutsche Reich, Hitler ordered the bloodless but still military seizure of the Rhineland and the Sudetenland.

Under the pretext of protecting the sizable ethnically-German minority in Poland, Hitler invaded on Sept. 1, 1939, thus igniting the Second World War in Europe.

Putin's turn to repeat history ...

With sections of Georgia and at least Crimea already in Russian control, the following nations not only have a sizable Russian minority (total Russian population listed), they are also well within Moscow's military reach:

  • Ukraine - 8,334,141
  • Kazakhstan - 3,793,764
  • Uzbekistan - 1,199,015
  • Belarus - 785,084
  • Latvia - 556,422
  • Kyrgyzstan - 419,600
  • Moldova - 369,488
  • Estonia - 324,431
  • Turkmenistan - 297,319
  • Lithuania -174,900
  • Azerbaijan - 119,300
  • Georgia - 91,091
  • Tajikistan - 68,200
  • Romania - 36,397
  • Finland - 33,401
  • Czech Republic - 31,941

During the 2012 Presidential Debates, Barack Obama famously told Mitt Romney that "the 1980's want their foreign policy back" and that "the Cold War is over."

Hands off, Vlad ...

While The Ukraine is largely terra incognita to most Americans, many are familiar with at least a handful of celebrities of Ukrainian descent, such as actresses Milla Jovovich (born in Kiev) and Mila Kunis.

Fox News personality (Red Eye) features as one of the regular panelists former Miss USA New York, Joanne Nosuchinsky.

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