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Lights Under Louisville offers holiday family fun

Mega Cavern
Mega Cavern
Lights Under Louisville

Wondering what to do to kick off the holiday festivities this year? How about trying Lights Under Louisville? Showcasing a light extravaganza like no other, the local area Louisville Mega Cavern has an enormous underground holiday lighting display that is family friendly, fun and unique.

Louisville Mega Cavern is located close to the Louisville Zoo off I-264. Theman-made cavern spans under a number of roadways above it and has miles of corridors located beneath the city of Louisville, Kentucky. During the average season, sight-seers can come view the caverns for a tour that includes an underground adventure rich in history, geology, mining, recycling, green building technology, and just simply HUGE in scale!”

Getting set for the upcoming Thanksgiving and Christmas Seasons, Mega Cavern has done what no other underground cavern system in the world has done….put time, money and effort into creating a family friendly light display like no other!

Billing themselves as the “Only underground holiday light show in the world”, Mega Cavern has cornered the market on unique and exciting family fun. With 17 miles of underground passage ways, the Caverns are decorated with animated lighting displays, Christmas scenes and family friendly effects throughout.

Wendy’s and The Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption have generously worked in conjunction with the Louisville Mega Cavern to sponsor a Sneak Peek night for Kentucky area foster and adoptive families before the Light Show opens to the general public. But don’t be discouraged if you don’t fall in to that category because this very family friendly event is even more affordable than most other Light Shows with discount tickets and coupons for the show also available at local area Wendy’s and Fifth Third Banks. The cost for a family to pack up and head to the Lights Under Louisville display starts at $25 a carload and is slightly higher the larger the vehicle. Coupons from local retailers and banks will take an additional $5 off your admission.

Viewing dates start November 19th and run through January 2nd, 2011; 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. Monday thru Friday and 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. on Saturdays and Sundays.

For more information and directions to Lights Under Louisville, call (877) 614-MEGA or check out the following links:

Lights Under Louisville at the Mega Cavern

Directions to Lights Under Louisville

To buy tickets ahead of time click here: PrePurchase

Get a sneak peak by clicking here and viewing the WLKY 2009 video


  • Richard RG1 4 years ago

    This event and Southern Lights at the Horse Park are two great holiday festivities in Kentucky ! Hope it's a lot of fun if you go !

  • aperture 4 years ago

    The wait was 2 hours. The route was 0.9 mile and 18 minutes long. People were honking as they left telling the people in line to turn around and go home. Overpriced and overhyped. My kids were even disappointed.

  • Profile picture of Karen McCracken
    Karen McCracken 4 years ago

    How sad that you had such a poor experience. I've heard many positive comments about it and we went twice. Took us about 35 mins or so each time and both groups had a terrific time.

  • bev 2 years ago

    cant wait to go again this year, went last year for the first time, lines so much shorter than southern light and the logt show was better:). Work with mentally handicapped taking them this year !!!!

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