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"Lights! Camera! Sam Robles!"


Every now and then we meet individuals who have fast tracked their performance in their areas of expertise - and for photographer Sam Robles, the fascination he had with photography seven years ago has now become a hot and steamy love affair!


Perhaps the fire within him is internally brewed purely by his inherent passion, having been born in the fiery samba-loving city of Sao Paulo, Brazil, and perhaps his cool headed calm nature is from having been brought up in the easy breathing airs of Pompano Beach, Florida.

Sam's fascination with the art of photography started when he came face-to-lens with the first digital cameras in 2001. Messing around with his friends Sony 1.3 megapixel camera had an everlasting impact on him and he "was never the same" after that. 

After deciding he really needed this camera, with determination in hand, he saved up his pennies, decided on a due date, and that's the day Sam Robles officialy became an amateur photographer.

Photographing himself, the city and the landscapes, Sam got great reviews and compliments on his images and photography seemed to come naturally to him. Over this time he increased not only his practical experience but his technical theoretical knowledge too, through reading, observation and interaction with other photographers.

A few years later, with some photographic techniques now in mind, he bought his first DSLR and started working as a paid photographer. A hobby slowly turning into a profession.

Always remaining on the go, Sam befriended the inspirational, Jack Wild, a "Fine Art Photographer Extraordinaire" as he is known. Jack's liking of Sam became not only a good friendship but somewhat a relationship of teacher and protégé - an infinite repository of priceless knowledge!

With Jack's advice in mind, Sam started working under the commercial photographer, Keith Douglas, well known for his mastery in lighting and composition. With Sam in tow Keith showed him many techniques including that which is the complexity of lighting.

With 3 years of professional photography behind his viewfinder, Sam has already got an arms length worth of achievements under his belt.

His work has been published in local and national magazines such as Veranda, Boca Raton Magazine and Florida Design and was recently featured in Photoshop User Magazine, with Mike Campau, a graphic designer who worked alongside Sam on a series of images.


He's work has also been up on websites like, not to mention the interesting assignments with the Mixed Martial Arts World Champion Fighters.

Sam has spent the last few years accumulating clients like Lynn University, American Top Team, ACP Interiors, Village Square Home Interiors, Medicine Shoes, Matrix Imports USA, High Profile International and more and has been personally invited to give a workshop at the Old School of Photography in Delray, Florida.

Going on 3 years now, Sam is also a member of the biggest camera club in Florida, the South Florida Camera Club. With his intense, strong, creative images he's managed to win “Best Photograph of the Year” for the past two years in a row, winning a Canon 50D and a Canon 7D.


So after all this it leaves only one question in mind; what's next?

Well according to Sam Robles there's alot more to come... he's currently finishing off building out his very own studio in Pompano Beach, FL called "27 Studios". Why the 27? Well 27 is his favorite number, the day he was born, his current age and has significance with everything happening in this moment. This will be his creative hub for creating high fashion magazine style bridal sessions, advertising photography including cars and things larger than life and much more!

For Sam, a fascination turned profession... what is his recipe for success? Personality, perseverance and a whole lot of passion!

Check out his blog at


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