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Lights, camera, action - Nonpoint shoots DVD in home city

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Can you feel it? There’s an electricity in the air. There’s a sense of excitement, an anticipation that something big is about to happen. The lights are still dim as Nonpoint takes the stage. The capacity crowd is cheering, yet it seems eerily silent, like something’s missing. Lead singer Elias Soriano grabs the microphone and with a loud roar, “Light up the room with a little more light, I need a lot more focus, lights, camera, action!” With one giant sigh of relief, the wait is over and filming a live DVD is underway last night at Revolution Live in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.

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Any Nonpoint fan can attest that this night was more than just any concert for the fans and especially the band. This is Nonpoint’s home city, their turf. Those in attendance are their family and friends. Every day since they announced the show last December while opening for Megadeth, they have posted on their Facebook page that this show was going to be the show of all shows. The reasoning for the show is simple as Soriano explains, “This is the first documentation of the new line-up (referring to the 2011 additions of guitarists, Rasheed Thomas and Dave Lizzio and bassist, Adam Woloszyn) for a full show. With the new line up, we have a lot of new fans and a lot of new attention on us. This time we wanted to get their faces on video so people can enjoy what they normally enjoy, which is our live show.”

I’ve seen Nonpoint perform a couple times before; they are very high-energy. Elias is not satisfied until the entire crowd is on their feet jumping up and down. The crowd is not typically satisfied until Elias’ dreads are flying in every direction. Soriano explains how much of the band’s energy comes from the vibes of the crowd, “I would say about 90 percent of it. The audience gets what they give. If they give us all they have, they definitely get it back from all of us.” There is certainly a mutual agreement here.

There was no shortage of give and take on this night. For nearly 90 minutes it was a very intimate show, more intimate than any rock show I’ve ever been to before. Playing a variety of tracks from their entire library, no stone was left unturned. The highlight of the night was when Soriano surprised the crowd appearing in the center of the pit. Surrounded by a large cluster of fans, he pulled off not one, but two beautiful ballads with only Thomas sitting alone on stage with his acoustic guitar providing the backing music. It was certainly a moment that fans would always remember.

After several encores, the show ended leaving fans more than satisfied with their hometown rock heroes. “That was the best show ever!”, “I will never forget this show” and “A dream come true” were several of the comments that could be overheard from many fans as they exited the venue.

Be sure to keep an eye on Nonpoint’s website for when the DVD will be released and other exciting news.