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Lightning safety tips: Indoor lightning risks when a storm strikes

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Severe weather can include lightning during a thunder storm, but many people do not realize that lightning is a risk for them indoors just as it is for those on the outside a building or home structure during such a weather condition.

On June 29 the North Georgia CERT team notified members that a severe thunderstorm was in the area and that storm might result in large hail and high winds in addition to the threat of lightning and heavy rains. Residents in the Whitfield and Murray counties were advised to seek shelter indoors in advance of the storm, which was expected to arrive before 7:15 p.m.

The Weather Channel provides tips on how to avoid getting struck by lightning if you are in the home, since getting struck by lightning is not just an outdoor danger. Using your phone, especially a land line (but also a cell phone) is the greatest danger when it comes to getting struck due to electrical currents that travel through the ground, air and wiring.

Being close to windows and doors is another big danger zone when it comes to lightning, according to the weather alert news provider. But in addition to the danger of standing in front of your windows or doors and talking on the telephone during a thunderstorm, you should not touch plumbing pipes, washers, dryers, concrete floors or walls and electrical systems or any items that use them, like a television.

The threat of lightning strikes are not just something you are in danger of experiencing on your front or back porch, patio or while on the lawn landscape during a severe storm. So be smart and take precautions by not touching or being next to the items that can cause you to get struck by lightning while in the home. And remember your pets, if they are stationed outdoors, especially if they are chained to a tree or to wire runners, as lightning can be a great danger to them, too.