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Lightning destroys a Middle River home, third strike on same street

Lightning destroyed this Middle River Home on June 19 2014
Lightning destroyed this Middle River Home on June 19 2014
Amanda Orzech

The incredible light show from last night’s severe storm may have produced great photos, but it had a downside. One bolt struck this home in Middle River, southeast Baltimore County around 1 am.

7 Bogby Ct was the home of Lou and Debby Orzech. According to their neighbor Kelly Karatzakislis, the fire spread quickly and they lost everything.

Janelle Filling informed me that their son, daughter-in-law, and grandkids were actually there last night as well. A total of seven people, all got out safely.

There is an effort to get supplies. As of now, these include:

  • Female size med shirt and size 5 pant shoe size 7 1/2
  • Female size Xl shirt and size 12/14 pant shoe size 7 1/2
  • Male size Xl shirt and size 38 pant shoe size 9 1/2
  • Girl items: Kid size 12 shoe size 5 1/2

But a special web site was set up to help raise needed money for supplies and to rebuild. As of 2 PM, $1,710 was raised. Their goal is $5,000. Every little bit helps, and maybe we can push them over the top.

See this Go-Fund-Me page

Kelly went on to add,

“6 years ago our neighbor two doors down in our court lost their house due to lighting strike. What are the odds of our small 8 house court getting struck twice?”

I was contacted by Christina Turner, who lived in the other house struck by lightning in 2008. Just two houses down the street. She said that prior to that, a tree was struck. That makes 3 direct hits from lightning within a 200 ft. area in under 20 years. The odds seem rather unusual, don’t you think?

This is going to take a bit more research, but I wanted to put this out there for others to explore. I do remember covering a story on TV about another home in Reisterstown that was struck by lightning, almost 10 years to the day another home on that street was hit. Is it possible there is a something favorable like iron content in the soil? Just a theory? For the record, the Empire State Building get hit on average 100 times each year. But that has a big metal pole on top too.

Lightning can be up to 60,000F, which is five times hotter than the surface of the sun. Even for a split second that is enough to lead to fires. See more information in the links below.

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