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Lighting in Home Design

Good designed home must have correct lighting in it. Lighting can be looked as the soul of a home in night. The correct lighting solution can add score our home design.

Light has close relationship to colour, or we can say they are two sides of a thing, no light there would be no colour. Colour can be divided into the colour of light and the colour of object. Light is white light consisting of various monochromatic light, including sunlight and artificial light. White light contains different colour in it.Light is not only the necessity for people to obtain object shape, space and colour, but also the necessity for beautifying the environment. Light can constitute space, can change space; can beautify space, also can damage space. Light not only illuminate all kinds of space, but also create different space artistic conception and atmosphere. With different lighting system, different position, angle of light, different lighting modeling, different illumination intensity and colour, different visual effect can be created.

The temperature sense of colour is the reflect ion of people’s living habit. Low colourtemperature gives people the feel of warm, connotation and soft. High colourtemperature makes people feel cool and refreshing. Lighting with different colourtemperature can create different atmosphere. For example, dining room lighting attracts people’s attention to dining table. Warm colour ceiling lamp with color rendering property can improve people’s appetite for it truly represent the colour and luster of food. The colour and lamplight of bedroom lamp should use neutral and relaxing colour tone, combining with warm colour tone auxiliary lamp. This can make bedroom light warm and soft. Kitchen and bathroom lamp should lay stress on functionality. Good color rendering of light source is necessary. White light with low color temperature make people feel amiable and warm. Low color temperature wall lamp can create dim romantic feel.

Weight sense means people may get different light and heavy feeling from different colour. The weight sense we get from colour is the recombination feel of texture. It is mainly decided by lightness. Bright light and dark colour shadow will make people have light and heavy feeling on mentality. Light give people divergent lightsome feeling, but dark colour shadow make people feel contracting weight. This also works on colour. Comparing white and black, white is light and black is heavy. For example, bright light will make the space full of passion in modern concise style space. It interprets leisure, freedom, casual life concept. Strong light and shadow contrast can strengthen the space layering. Accent lighting for interior layout with low color temperature light can create thick and steady atmosphere.

Generally speaking, the visual effect of colour to people is bright, vivid. Warm colour has the feeling of expansion. Dark cool colour has the feeling of shrinking. This means colour had the effect of making object larger or smaller. Light can be used to exaggerate or decrease the weight of object. Indirect lighting or accent lighting can highlight the shape of object in a space for emphasizing space theme.

When watching two kind of colour in the same distance, the distance of warm colour is smaller than cool colour. Therefore, the choosing of interior lamp should consider environment colour. When the light colour is close to object colour, the colour effect of object will weaken. When lamplight and colour of lamp is complete complementary to object colour, the object will look dimmer. For example, warm colour like red and yellow will shine brighter under incandescent light than under fluorescent lamp. This means object will looks dim and pale under lamplight with high illuminance and color rendering. So we can change the distance feel of object and space with lighting in interior design.Find more home improvement tips at melodyhome.

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