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Lighter makeup

The lighter makeup trends are now in your local Chicago land retailer. The new year is here and despite the weather we are seeing more and more neutral trends on the horizon. Lighter shades of brown, beige's and pinks for the season ahead. Colors come in different forms such as eye shadows and blushes. Along with lipsticks and polishes.

These are sure to add a wonderful zest to your current makeup wardrobe. Mix and match the colors to create a look that is all your own. Perhaps a pale pink for lips. Beige shadows for your eyes. The possibilities are endless. You can also ask your local makeup artist for the season's newest trend. They can give you the best advice regarding your skin and eye tone colors.

The lighter makeup colors fit well with most complexions. Pinks and some shades of brown work well with most people's skin tones. You can also ask for help or advice from your sales professional if you are not sure. Beige s and pinks are sure to brighten any winter wardrobe. Even a lighter shade of coral would work depending on your skin tone. Coral nails would be a wonderful thing to enhance your look. And brighter up your winter nails. Visit your local beauty retailer to see what is new. Mix and match and enjoy the newer colors.

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