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Lighten Up the Makeup Bag

Summer is officially here, guys! Time to spend more moments with those we love. Plus, there are many more chances to take a break from the daily grind.Ladies, this means putting together a cosmetics bag full of things we cannot possibly live without.

It can be such a pain to pack up all those little pods and compacts for a mini vacay. Also, there are many more pieces to lose or leave behind in the hotel room. Often they get banged around in travel bags and break apart in mini dust particles. Try any disaster possible inside your makeup case and multiply it times infinity when on the go. Yikes! Sounds pretty painful in many ways. So why not find palettes of the right products, without so many tiny components? Sounds like a real solution.

Palettes give convenience plus the work of choosing just right shades is no longer the problem. Complementary shades usually fit into a palette, focusing on a seasonal look or a color story. Expression of personality and attitudes vary along with the multitude of purse and cosmetic bag friendly portable shadows. There are several palettes that truly master the art of making beauty a snap!

Laura Mercier makes the very best shadows in the business. Celebrities are part of her legacy in makeup artistry. She brings the best of style and beauty to the masses with her eponymous line.Luxury means sparing no expense in materials and pigments to design celeb worthy faces for all. Buying a Laura Mercier cosmetics product is an investment piece in looking gorgeous no matter the climate or occasion. She mastered the "Flawless Face" and there's no wonder why legions of fans flock to the cosmetics counters to scoop up on trend and timeless makeup.

Several of Laura Mercier's palettes are capturing the imagination of all fashionistas and glamazons alike. They all have portability and ease of use, plus the best colors for any season. Metallics and matte formulas unite in these looks for eyes. Also cheeks are delicately rosy and that is always in style. Plus who doesn't look divinely gorgeous in a smoky eye? All tried and true, mistake proof.

Laura Mercier Nude Smoky Eye Palette ($95)

Gorgeous gorgeous deep browns and mid beiges represent in this palette of four shadows. Everything is in one place, even professional quality brushes! A one of a kind liner that Laura Mercier is famous for is the Tightline Cake Eyeliner. This shade is Ground Espresso, a dark chocolately go to. This one cannot be missed, a limited edition item in the line. They don't last long, believe!

Laura Mercier Enlightenment Eye and Cheek Palette ($55)

Pretty and soft, romance in every shade. This palette is for that understated glowy eye and simply innocent cheek. Four shimmer neutrals meet two shades of pink to reflect the petal softness of Spring for any season at all. This mirrored compact has a sleek eco friendly look that almost looks like a little clutch that fits the palm of your hands.

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