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Light Wines for Summer; Rueda

Palacio De Bornos Verdejo
Linda Foxworth

Verdejo is a grape that originated in Rueda, a north central region of Spain. Though grown in a few other regions of Spain, Rueda remains Verdejo's most closely associated region. The wines are often blends of Viura and Sauvignon Blanc, but are required by law to be at least 50% Verdejo. Though not widely grown, the Verdejo grape produces a wine high in glycerol which gives it a round mouthfeel. Its typical aromas are pear and lemon. It is a wine that can age well and develop honeyed aromas.

Because it is not a common wine, nor a common grape, Rueda can be hard to find. Total Wine carries one from the producer Palacio de Bornos that is made from 100% Verdejo grapes. It is a pale straw color with aromas of pear, banana, lemon and a hint of sea salt. The wine has a light body and a crisp acidity that makes it very refreshing. The wine, also has a round mouthfeel with fruit aromas that give it a nice richness. It retails for $13.50.

Verdejo is delicious paired with a traditional Spanish dish of lima beans and clams tossed with tomatoes, garlic and a splash of wine. With both a lightness and a roundness, Verdejo will pair well with a lot of summer dishes.

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