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Light Up Your Reception and Ceremony

Wow! You walked into the room and it was aglow in all the colors of your wedding celebration. The perfect lighting effect can set the theme and mood for your wedding celebration. Uplighting can change the flair of your ceremony and reception. Create dramatic effects by adding uplighting which can accent walls, tables and specialty areas. Don't let your cake be the only standout quality of your decorations, add lights under the bar and cake table and it will make the areas come alive and take on a life of their own. For a softer but effective demure touch, drape a sheer fabric and accent it with your uplighting, this can also minimize an area to be decorated. Your bride and grooms table will be the talk of the event by running uplighting behind and under the table which will give a wonderful glow of the colors of the wedding. Get creative and allow your imagination to go wild. Uplighting is a great way to bring an expensive look to your event at an inexpensive price.