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Light up your bike ride with Monkey Light

Monkey Light, light up your ride
Monkey Light, light up your ride
Monkey Light

Growing up, kids would add a simple playing card to bicycle spokes to customize their ride with sound. The faster they're pedaled, the quicker and louder the sound. Kids today have moved beyond the simple card to customize their bikes. With Monkey Light, the bike spokes shine through the dark with bright, bold illumination.

Monkey Light is a easy, inventive way to customize a bike. It is a high performance bicycle light that is visible in all weather condition. Easily strapped to bike spokes, fun and colorful 8-bit graphics appear on the spinning bike wheel. With 10 full color, ultra-bright LED lights, the rider has almost 360 degree visibility.

The fun with the Monkey Light comes from the 19 themes and 16 colors. With many colors and themes, the product creates hundreds of combinations. Depending on the version, themes include hearts, skull and cross bones, flowers and flames. The variety allows the rider to change illumination with their mood, event or just because.

With hub mounted battery pack, the colorful light fun can last for days. On average, the batteries will last approximately 40 on 3 AA batteries. It works in all types of weather conditions and mounts easily on bikes wheels 20" or larger. Monkey Light straps to spokes with a vibration proof 3 point mount. Constructed from solid rubber, the toy is ready to take to any ride.

The fun of Monkey Light comes from the variety of lighted themes that customize a ride. Everyone will want to ride for hours on end to see the light-inspired fun from the Monkey Light. Grab a friend and match the theme or create a group of contrasting riders. The light fun can keep everyone active and riding.

Monkey Light has several options. The M210 mini- Monkey Light offers 19 themes and retails for $39.99. The M232 Monkey Light offers 42 themes and retails for $59.99. Both items can be purchased on

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