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Light sport plane from Italy

A new light sport plane made in Italy
A new light sport plane made in Italy

A new plane from Europe evoloved on the market: The Italian ultralight market was young, and all of the airplanes flying as microlights were dacron covered with a two-stroke engine, a wide open cabin, and low cruise speed. In that time a young company was created in 1986 by the Partenavia's founders: the Pascale brothers, Luigi and Giovanni.

The company with the name Tecnam at that time was in charge of producing parts, assembling, and testing the ATR-42/72 horizontal stabilizer, vertical stabilizer, and fuselage sections. In 1990, Paolo Pascale made the suggestion to his uncle to enter the microlight business after analyzing what the market offered in those years. The result was the development of a microlight with the characteristics of a bigger General Aviation airplane: The Tecnam P92, the first microlight with General Aviation style.

Meanwhile, over 20 years since the first flight, the P92 is still one of the best selling models of the Tecnam production line, with 13 variants and versions, the P92 has delivered almost 2,500 units as ULM/LSA and VLA with more than 200,000 flown hours.

Two years ago, Tecnam decided to celebrate this model introducing the Taildragger as the 20th anniversary edition, and then launched the "P92 Echo Classic Celebration Program." The production of a special variant with a special price for the customer, they removed anything that was needed to just go have fun flying, with as little distraction as possible, like it was in the earlier days of aviation. They created a microlight with an empty weight of just 606 pounds with one of the lowest prices in the light aircraft market.