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Light in our darkness

What presidents, kings and billionaires claim to be Jesus truly was. They have not died for us, but he did.
Photo by Ian Waldie/Getty Images

In a dark world filled with gang violence, drug addiction, hopelessness, greed, people in politics and business who have endless opinions but cannot provide us answers, where do we go for a little light. There is a place of light in this dark world we live in, but too many people don't want to hear it. They would rather believe the fairy stories told by advertisers, politicians and late night infomercials than go to that true light.

Isaiah prophesied of a light that would begin to dawn in the land of Zebulun and Naphtali. In a world of fear and darkness where is there light? Statesmen travel back and forwards to make peace but there is none. Legislators wrestle with laws to save their people but they are not saved. Lawyers fight to relieve their clients’ burdens, but burdens remain. Armies fight against oppression, but oppression has not ceased. We spend a lifetime building strongholds to protect ourselves but there is no bulletproof protection. Composer of many songs, the ancient Jewish King David sang, the Lord is my light and my salvation. Matthew 4:15-16 quoted Isaiah with the words, where death casts its shadow, a light shines. Death is the theme of the nightly news. Jesus is the answer that some few speak about but even fewer seek.

Instead of listening to the very well educated and very intelligent people who captain industry and politics perhaps we need to do the simple thing of going to a church where Jesus' teachings are held in high esteem, because he claimed to be the Light of the world. Surely our billionaires and politicians are not that Light. Just maybe he is.

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