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Light of Spring

Inner Spring
Inner Spring
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In the Northern Hemisphere, it is at this time of the year that many of us experience a feeling of ennui, as if the days are dragging by. The shorter days, longer nights and, lately, crazy weather changes are enough to make even the most upbeat of us sag a bit. Even those of us who practice living life in the moment have days when we feel as if time has almost stopped and the moments that were flowing so well before have slowed to a crawl. And so it goes for our inner spiritual life as well. There are times that we feel as if we are alone, unsupported, as if our inner light has dimmed and we are in a kind of spiritual hibernation. Strangely enough, it is during these times that we are experiencing the most inner spiritual growth..

It’s been said that in order to gain physical, mental and emotional strength, we must endure the trials and tribulations of life. As there can be no light without darkness, there can be no faith and strength without inner tests and trials. As we all have our external cycles in life, so do we have our inner cycles. During our inner "spring" cycles, we feel the inner presence of the light more strongly. But during those "winter" cycles, although we may not feel it, we are gaining much of our spiritual strength.

Even though Earth's Spring is still months away, our inner, spiritual “spring” is always present, even if we can’t always feel it within us. As we make our way through the next several months, try to remember that you have the light within you and that you are the only one who can let it shine!

Peace @-)-)----