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Light from the Dark, A week of transformation and the Grand Cardinal Cross

Easter Vigil
Easter Vigil
Catherine Al-Meten

This is a week of rebirth and transformation ahead, and the transformation began shortly after the Sun entered Taurus. The Sun in Taurus welcomes the methodical, the sensual, and the receptive. Ideas, plans, connections take root. Security, loyalty, longevity, and determination reign. The Sun in Taurus will form the last quarter square of the Moon, Tuesday April 22 3:52 AM EDT/12:52 AM PDT. On Wednesday, Mercury will also enter Taurus, but for the first few days of the week, Mercury in Aries completes its transit through the last few degrees of the sign.

Time marked by the completion of issues, final thoughts and plans, and last minute reminders of whatever has been at the forefront of communicatios for the last month. Venus entered Pisces on April 5 and will stay there until May 2, so this cycle in strong. The Goddess of Love in Pisces, we are open, loving, forgiving, and generous in our compassion.

Mars continues to be muted and tamed in Libra. During this transits, we hone our skills in diplomacy and charm, and we tend to be wishy washy and ambiguous in our perceptions and feelings. Continuing to avoid conflict, the Mars transit encourages both compromise and ongoing negotiations. The shadow side of this is the tendency to be passive aggressive as a way to deal with untamed and conflicting desires and thinking. Saturn in Scorpio, Jupiter in Cancer, Uranus in Aries, Neptune and Chiron in Pisces complete the major transits at the start of this week.

On Sunday, April 20, early Easter morning, Jupiter squared Uranus. We are aware of needing to make some changes in our lives, and know that when we don’t make the needed changes, the change happens anyway. This square reminds us, making us feel restless and anxious to get moving, to take risks, or to move too quickly before the timing is right. While not a time to put off taking care of necessary business, it is also not a great time for moving forward too quickly or taking unnecessary risks.

On Easter late-morning or early afternoon, Venus conjuncts Chiron in Pisces. This is an aspect that opens the door for healing, forgiveness, and compassion in our intimate relationships and commitments. There is greater openness and a fuller expression of feelings flowing right now. We see the beauty in one another, and recognize the imperfection, weakness, and doubt are simply normal parts of who we are. A good time for growing in trust, compassion, and acceptance in relationships. Whatever insecurities rise up, can now be acknowledged, purified, and addressed. Love is in the process of healing and growing under this influence.

Later in the day on April 20, Jupiter in Cancer opposes Pluto in Capricorn. Our security-based needs are in the forefront, and the basic needs, demands, and obligations of daily life are clearly evident. There may be a strong desire to act on all our dreams and desires, yet the opposition reminds us to “keep your head”! Much like spring weather, this type of energy makes us feel a bit if not a lot in inner turmoil with ourselves. We feel strongly hopeful and optimistic, yet feel the pressure of holding ourselves in check. We may exhaust or overwhelm ourselves if we do not find ways to ground ourselves with this type of energetic influence. Channel that energy, channel that energy.

Monday morning, the Sun in Taurus is semi-square Chiron in Pisces. Our desire to use our experiences to learn and grow is strong. Chiron is about healing, and the Sun is about action. When we open ourselves to growth and learning, we walk into unknown territory, so we need to be aware that any healing requires that we question and honestly appraise our thinking, behavior, and motivation. If we are feeling insecure, look to see what aspect of our inner truth may feel threatened, and acknowledge what is true for you, and what is no acceptable. When we are out of balance or acting out of step with our inner truth, we may feel uneasy or insecure. When we are growing, learning, and testing our limits, we also experience this type of incongruity. Decide what meets your needs and what is harmful to you, and choose accordingly.

Later in the day on Monday, April 21, Uranus in Aries squares Pluto in Capricorn. Pluto’s transit through Capricorn has been turning over areas of our lives where we need to change the ways we have been living. Uranus’ aspect to Pluto on Monday stimulate any area of dissatisfaction that exists-either with what we have not yet changed, or with some of the changes that we have made. Are the restrictions, limitations, or areas of discomfort external or internal? Notice what routines, situations, or elements of our lives are in need of a major overhaul. Acknowledge any suppressed or buried feelings, emotional reactions, or challenges that may remain problematic. While you may not make any changes right now, acknowledging areas that are out of whack with your true desires and with the changes that you have already made in your life, will help you when you are ready to make any necessary adjustments, changes, or movement in your life. Breaking with the past, the past that is no longer part of our lives anyway, is a hallmark of this aspect. Uranus simply brings the message home to clarify, cut off, and close the door.

On Tuesday, April 22 midday, Mars in Libra squares Jupiter in Cancer. Impatience is growing for wanting things to be the way we want them NOW! The needs we feel are more apparent now than ever, and we want to move on seeing that those needs are met. Mars in Libra squares Jupiter in Cancer, prompting some restraint and indecisiveness on whatever situations are coming to the service. Because our needs are so abundantly clear, we cannot wait to act upon them, however, it is probably best in most cases to use the energy for planning and preparing, for setting intentions, and for considering alternative, than it is for any actual movement or immediate change.

On Wednesday, April 23, Mars in Libra opposes Uranus in Aries. This influence comes in the night, and you may awake with a sense growing sense of impatience. Uranus signals sudden, unexpected, shocking even, movement, decisions, events, and news. Both individually and collectively, we are more assertive and willful, and ready to fight against anything or anyone that threatens our sense of freedom. Expect the unexpected, and expect whatever routine you have planned not to necessarily go as planned.

Whenever Uranus in Aries is involved, electronics and energy or likely to be affected. Uranus also affects our thinking, communication, and impulses. We may act more quickly than usual, especially in areas where we may have lacked the courage to do so previously. Rein in anger, frustration, and any other negative use of emotions. Instead, harness your thinking, behavior, and emotions, and act decisively on your own behalf and for the highest good and well being of yourself and others. There may be more confrontations, as people are facing their own truths, and are more likely to speak out of the need to clear the air and stand in truth. Remember to be kind and compassionate if this is where you find yourself under this influence.

Later on Wednesday, April 23, Mars in Libra squares Pluto in Capricorn.What we hope to change or efforts we wish to take, may be or feel blocked. There may be power struggles or outright defiance, on your part of on the part of others. Curb any tendency to bully or confront during this transit. Positive change is possible when we remain flexible and open to a variety of approaches and strategies when seeking our goals. This is a high energy aspect, especially on the earthy, emotional, sensual, and sexual energy levels.

Mercury enters Taurus on Wednesday as well, and that adds to the heightened sensual, sexual, and emotional overtones of all forms of communication. Later in the day, Mercury in Taurus semi-squares Chiron in Pisces. This aspect triggers communication that sparks hurt, grief, or discomfort due to careless behavior or disrespect. Communication with Mercury in Taurus depends on understanding the Taurus philosophy that actions speak louder than words. Sugar coating wounds or acting against the wishes of another, are not effective forms of communication under this transit as Taurus demands honesty and integrity in all areas of communication and behavior-they are one and the same.

On Friday, April 25, Venus in Pisces trines Saturn in Scorpio. A lovely watery trine brings harmony and a peaceful wholeness to our affections. A good time to renew and restore connections, relationships, and all forms of communication. Showing and sharing our feelings through service to others, is a positive use of this type of energy.

The Grand Cardinal Cross.

The ongoing square between two slow-moving planets, Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn, reaches a powerful point when it forms a Grand Cardinal Cross with Jupiter in Cancer and Mars in Libra. They form two oppositions (180 degree angle) and four squares (90 degree angles) to one another. The urge to break out and make changes in areas of our lives where we have been undergoing long term transformation, comes to a head. Whatever is no longer working, has already been identified/recognized, and is now falling away, whether we are ready or not, now requires that we change or be changed by the circumstances that have built to the breaking point.

Look to the four main areas of your life where this transformation has been taking place. By now, this is probably fairly evident. For those who prepared, allowed the changes to happen, and have been actively working on release, you may see the culmination of dreams come true. For those who have continued to resist and struggle against the inevitable, or who still think transformation is only about ego choices and will, this transit is a major wake up call. What has already been released, is already gone. Notice what has changed, and set your intentions for moving forward. The cardinal signs deal with that which is fundamental and basic-1. Aries, our basic nature and individual power and initiative- how we act upon our desires; 2. Cancer, our sense of home, family, emotional nurturing, and security needs-how we define home, safety, and comfort; 3. Libra, our relationships and fundamental way of operating within intimate connections-how we view, enter into, and function within relationships; 4. Capricorn, achievement, operating within the material plane of existence, living life for fulfillment-how we walk our talk.

The Grand Cardinal Cross has been building over time. It is not just suddenly appearing overhead or in our lives this week. It is like the growing or waxing Moon that steadily increases in intensity and light from the time of the new to the full moon. The Grand Cardinal Cross has been in place for a while, and in fact because it involves the slow-moving Pluto in Capricorn (it’s been there for two years) and Uranus in Aries (a 14-year cycle), the movement of Mars in Libra and Jupiter in Cancer, have created an intense, slow-moving, and long-lasting energetic influence that we’ve already been coping with, and have been feeling on many different levels of our being.

How do we experience and use this energy at the peak of this aspect?

Consider how you handle the anticipation that leads up to a big event, say a special birthday, the birth of a child, moving to a new house (which means packing up and leaving the old one), getting married or divorced, healing and recovering from an injury or illness. We all go through these life experiences, and we have all the tools we need to manage them. On the cosmic level, the Cardinal Cross is a normal, natural formation of strong energy. Knowing something about what areas of our lives it affects most, either by studying your chart or by observing and tuning in to what matters most to you in your life right now, allows you to use this time and this energy in a positive manner.

The Grand Cardinal Cross, sandwiched between two powerful eclipses, generates a lot of energy. Collectively and individually, we are at a turning point in a long transformative process. The most important thing we can do right now is to focus on getting grounded and centered right where we are. Make peace with yourself. Use your spiritual practices (prayer, meditation, contemplation) to keep yourself focused and positive. Take care of your physical and emotional health (get enough sleep and rest, eat wholesome food, get some exercise, and have some fun). Be receptive, open, and courageous, knowing that you have what is needed to handle anything that happens or that you need to deal with.

Avoid focusing on the negative and stop complaining, whining, and blaming. Period. When you find yourself worrying, getting frustrated, or angry, back off and refocus your attention and energy on something that allows you to deal more constructively with whatever is going on. When energy is heightened all around you, your own energy, feelings,thoughts, words, and actions are also intensified and activated. Recognize the power of what you say, do, think, and feel, and use your power for good, not the vernacular of comic book superheroes. It is really that simple, as most things are. We complicate our lives by making everything more complicated than it needs be. This is a time to be simple, basic, and grounded.

As the Sun has entered Taurus, the energy of grounding, getting rooted and basic surrounds and fills us. Move more slowly, and with greater intention and attention to what is right in front of you. Channel your energy into basic and simple tasks. Express feelings through journaling or through creative art. Express feelings of frustration by clearing out and cleaning up small messes. Use the energy to do something basic and necessary--mow the lawn, plant some seed, repot some plants, clean out your purse or reorganize your closets. Make a nice meal for yourself or invite a friend over for lunch.

Another thing that is necessary right now is to take responsibility for our own feelings, needs, and desires. What are we doing ourselves, to make ourselves happier, healthier, more productive, or more satisfied with who we are and how we live? We need to hold ourselves accountable for what is working and what is not. Now is the time to confront what is going on within us so that we enter into other relationships with clarity, strength, truth, and authenticity. The Grand Cardinal Cross is bringing a great deal to the surface for release and healing.

Whatever creates friction with the oppositions and squares of the Grand Cardinal Cross, highlights points of imbalance that need to be altered. Squares provide the push to move and oppositions highlight areas where we are in need of greater harmony--look to see how to integrate the polarities in those areas of your life that are out of balance.

The Jupiter square to Pluto promises something of great benefit is being released into the world. Jupiter also soothes the darkness of Pluto’s long, uprooting transit, releasing some of the heaviness with an infusion of joy and abundance in those areas where release has already provided space for uplifting and restorative good to enter. Trust yourself to receive what you need to receive, recognize truth at the core of your being, and keep yourself buffered from that which is crazy-making, harsh, or inequitable. You are a child of the Universal Good, and have every right to receive love, goodness, protection, and grace. We are good enough as we are, and the sooner we recognize that, the more we are open to receiving and sharing love, compassion, and understanding. When things fall apart in our lives, that is part of the natural process. What follows is a time for healing and rest. Learning to be at peace with whatever is going on, and learning to channel energy constructively, along with taking care of the basics--physiological, safety, social, self esteem and well being, and self-actualization or creative living (a Maslow-type hierarchy of needs), works well to keep us balanced amid turmoil and calm even though there’s a storm.

Jupiter Square Uranus equates to sudden departures or arrivals, spiritual awakening, intuitive insight and prescient knowledge, and the power of truth. What was hidden, is revealed, what was covered up or lied about is uncovered, and false idols, images, and corruption in leadership is made public and overturned. "No hay rosa sin pena." In this case, there is no thorn without the rose. Whatever falls away, lies in rubble at your feet, or disappears from your experience, is making way for something more beautiful, fulfilling, and vibrant to come into your life.

Feel the surge of new life emerging, the spring awakening, the rebirth of life and spirit transforming us from the inside out. Time to walk in the shoes of our spiritual truths, and be intentional, mindful, and compassionate in every action, thought, word, and expression. Connect to the Divine that infuses you and all with life and love, and live in the present, allowing yourself to be guided, guarded, and loved as you are, the perfect reflection of Love.

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