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World change made visible for all
World change made visible for all
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There is significant change happening to the world. If we should look back at the events in just the last ten years, we would see the exponential expansion of a number of things as well as how we perceive the world and ourselves within it. Smart phones carry the internet throughout at least three quarters of the habitable land on the earth. A number of countries are experiencing wide spread changes in government and in the way they conduct their lives. Upheavals occur side by side with advances in medicine and in the importance of educating everyone who wants it, even in cultures that traditionally allowed it for a limited few for hundreds of years. So called “third world” nations are changing gradually into second and even first world nations as these sweeping changes occur.

One of those visible changes is that of availability to anyone in the world of information on the world’s many religions, belief systems, and spiritual practices. More people than ever can study the similarities and differences which appears to have had the effect of showing us that we are all not so different in our beliefs and our faith after all. People are beginning to recognize how connected we all are, more so than we had ever thought was possible. Images of light, love and faith flash around the earth through websites and the latest technological connections. Medical science is beginning to accept the fact that everyone, without exception, needs not only physical and mental support, but spiritual support as well.
We are all not only experiencing this paradigm shift but have been, and continue to be, a part of the catalyst effect that began it. Rather than dwelling on our differences, we will start to see the light within each of us – that light that connects us as no external thing can.
Peace @-)-)-----