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Light and Lean Restaurant Tips and Tricks

The Lifestyle Fitness Program
The Lifestyle Fitness Program
Debi Silber

Need some tips for your next meal out? Here are just a few to encourage light and lean eating.

• For a lighter meal one option can be to order an appetizer (as long as it’s a healthy one) with a salad 
  or two healthy appetizers instead of a high fat/calorie entrée.

• Start with a clear based soup or salad versus a cream based soup.

• Ask that the bread basked not be put down on the table. If that’s not an option, make a rule about how
  much you’ll have before you go and stick to it!

• At a buffet or salad bar, load up on the vegetables and watch out for high fat toppings and mixtures.

• Portion off half of the entrée and share it or pack it up for another meal.

• Use the opportunity to enjoy what the restaurant is known for; enjoying a small portion of those foods
   which are unique, interesting and symbolic of that restaurant while avoiding ordinary foods that you 
  can have anywhere.

• Substitute fruit, salad or steamed vegetables in place of high fat side dishes

• Use condiments like ketchup, mustard, vinegar, lemon and salsa versus butter, sour cream, cheese or
  creamy sauces

• Ask for foods “dry” or with sauces on the side.

• Use the “fork trick” for your salad. Instead of piercing the salad then dipping it into dressing, do the
  reverse! Dip the fork in the dressing first…then pierce the salad. You’ll still get the flavor you love
  without using nearly as much as if you did it the other way.

With these tips (and more in the next article), you can enjoy your next meal out weight gain and guilt… free!