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Soar to New Heights
Soar to New Heights


  • Pam 6 years ago

    What a great article...and oh so true! Thanks for writing on topics that really hit home!

  • Randi 6 years ago


    I enjoyed your article, and believe that it is a topic we all need to be aware of. After reading Bob Burg's books The Go Giver and Endless Referrals, I try to be more conscious of how I can help my fellow networkers. But recently, I received a strange email from someone I met briefly at a networking luncheon. The email was a request for my entire contact list of Atlant residents! I was shocked, since we had never spoken beyond the luncheon. As a Go Giver, it's important to establish positive relationships with people we meet. And we need to keep in mind that people will do business with people they know, like, and trust.

  • Nancy 6 years ago

    An excellent reminder that Paying it Forward still requires some discernment! Thanks!

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