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Lifetime's Bring It and Raising Asia top performing arts TV shows

Choreographer Traci Young-Byron a Broadway Global top talent.
Choreographer Traci Young-Byron a Broadway Global top talent.
Broadway Global and Theatre Chat

Today Broadway Global shares the #1 top TV network for new performing arts TV shows, Lifetime. Many of you may remember Lifetime channel as a "housewives TV network" where you were sure to find old time actresses like the star of Bionic Woman (Lindsay Wagner), in a Movie of the Week. This is not to say that there is not a TV market for that, but now Lifetime programming has captured the success of artists shows like: The Voice, American Idol, America's Got Talent.. with new hit shows like Bring It and Raising Asia, (with 10,828 Facebook fans). Anyone who loves artists or wants to be a working artist may want to set your DVR to view every episode of these new hit Lifetime TV shows.

Bring It is about a dance company of all black girls, accept for one white girl who we would love to spotlight here on examiner. There is something very special about the passion of black artists that cant be portrayed by white artists. This has to be why the white girls parents have her training with this award winning dance company. The Dance instructor/choreographer Miss D is one of the best in the business. She gets every style of dance, gives the girls a mountain to leap over, then she has to deal with the stage mothers who all want to see their child get a dance solo. The mothers and actually one of the fathers are spotlight, and the parents could almost have a Reality TV show of their own. Last week they sold bake goods in the dance studio parking lot undercover, to raise monies for a baby monitor. The baby monitor will be secretly placed in the dance studio so they can ease drop on the private rehearsals. For those who already watch the show you know Miss D does not let the parents in the room for rehearsals, even through extreme weather, they are all standing outside the front door peaking through the blinds.

The competitions are compelling, just like rap singers who battle. The final dance competition ends in a battle, where one of the most recent spotlighted dance troupes under the direction of Traci Young-Byron (who will be spotlighted in the next Broadway Global examiner exclusive), just took Bring It to new heights. The one important fix or note that Lifetime should take, or the next TV network to take "Dance Competition Reality Shows" to the next level is this, (let the choreographers chosen music like Tarci Young-Byron Tribal, DJ, Drag Queen inspired new hits be heard). The sponsors must be apple iTunes, Spotify, music download companies... where fans can download of the music! This the major problem with Bring It. The life changing, inspiring, award winning music, that is chosen by the choreographers are not being used or heard in the final cuts. Maybe Lifetime does not want to pay for music rights. So one moment your watching a Beyonce dance routine, and the music sounds like Disney's High School the Musical. Music artists should be going out of their way for their music to be heard, and used by these performers as they Bring It! Broadway producers take note, get your choreography and songs on this new hit show!

The other TV show to watch is Raising Asia, about this family who has put their life savings into finding the best choreographer, best manager... to spotlight one of their daughters, who is exceptionally talented in dance. Now they are adding the singing aspect to Asia's performances, and some may think she is doomed as a Milli Vanilli scenario. This family is out to prove us wrong! The reality comes from truth, as the father who was an award winning body builder with connections and sponsors is now trying to be more involved in Asia's career, that her mother has been dedicated to for years. "Lifetime has become the #1 top network for arts lovers!" Broadway Global. What is your favorite artists TV show? You or and your comments may be spotlighted in our next examiner exclusive.