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LIFETIME 'Project Runway' season 13, native Kini Zamora 'wows' all the judges

Project Runway” (Lifetime) can be seen each Thursday evening at 9/8 p.m. This is season 13 of the fashion reality show. There were 19 design contestants hoping to win the $300,000 package. After the 6th episode on Aug. 28, 2014 which was called, “Rock the Wedding.” Another contestant was sent home by elimination & now there are only 9 designers left. Native American Korina Emmerich & Native Hawaiian Kini Zamora are still in the game. Korina is struggling to stay afloat after each week. Kini however, is doing a spectacular job by creating fantastic designs.

Kini Zamora design
Lifetime Television

The “Project Runway” judges each week include, Tim Gunn (mentor), Heidi Klum, Nina Garcia & Zac Posen. A guest celebrity judge joins the panel each week. Zac is sometimes replaced by another judge when he is out of town.

Kini Zamora has not been on the bottom at all during the whole TV season. He is liked by all the other contestants because they love his work as a designer. What the TV audience notices is his friendly demeanor, but intense work ethic. He is a meticulous craftsman who sews his designs in record time. Kini is also precise in his detail & doesn't mind working on a team.

According to the official “Lifetime” blog. The design challenge of episode 4 goes like this, “Create a high-fashion womens-wear look using the jacket and pants of a vintage men's suit.”

Kini took a pin striped gray suit & turned it into a female business one piece dress. It was powerful, yet feminine for the working woman. He bought a simple black fabric & inter-weaved it with the stripped down suit. Kini finished early & it looked great on his model. The judges praised him for his detail when they took a closer look at his dress.

According to the official “Lifetime” blog. The design challenge of week 5 goes like this, “Design a red-carpet look for Heidi to wear to the Creative Arts Emmy Awards.”

Kini told the TV viewers on camera that he loved making evening dresses. He created a clinging black dress that hugged his model's whole body. It had an open back that went down from the neck to just above the buttocks. He added horse hair to the whole dress which kept it weighted so it would always hug that body. The judges loved it when they took an up close & personal look. Sean won the challenge with Kini coming in a very close second place.

According to the official “Lifetime” blog. The design challenge of week 6 goes like this, “Create an alternative wedding dress and a corresponding dress for the reception.”

Kini & Sean were teamed together. They decided to create a female gay wedding couple. Sean made the pants. Kini made a simple black dress, but with dark ruffles hanging down on the front left leg. He also made Sean's top white blouse which hugged the model's body. It had a flowing cape down the shoulders. The judges were excited about that blouse & raved over Sean's pants. Sean won the design challenge.

You can watch the recent episodes of “Project Runway” at the official website. Those episodes will stream online for a certain amount of time. Check it out soon.

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