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LIFETIME 'Project Runway' Preview of season 13, episode 7 on Sept. 4, 2014.

Kini Zamora design
Lifetime Television

Project Runway” (Lifetime) can be seen each Thursday evening at 9/8 p.m. On Sept. 4, 2014 it will be the 7th episode in season 13. Kini Zamora & Korina Emmerich are the two Native American/Hawaiian designers still in the competition. There are only 9 contestants left after 19 were eliminated. Tim Gunn who is the fashion mentor gets the decision to bring back an eliminated designer if he disagrees with the judges. He brought back Amanda Valentine from two years ago & she is still in the competition.

The 30 second preview of this week's episode has given us a sneak peak into what's gonna happen. Tim Gunn mentions to the designers that there are millions dollars worth of diamond gems in the room. They're all sitting in front of the model runway stage.

Heidi tells the contestants that this week's challenge is to create an outstanding evening dress to go along with those diamond gems.

All the designers smile with delight & Kini says, “It's glamour.”

Tim talks to the contestants in the construction room & he is quite serious. He says, “I need you to gather around. Something that's been weighing heavily on me.” He chokes up emotionally.

Amanda says, “I definitely think that something is definitely wrong. He looks distraught.” Tim holds his chin & looks upward with concern.

As the models walk the runway with the contestant designs. Judge Heidi Klum says, “It was a very hard decision.”

Judge Nina Garcia states, “I love this look.”

Judge Zac Posen says, “I think this is delicious.”

Heidi goes onto say, “But, your design was too safe & safe is not good enough.”

Sean Kelly won last week's challenge & he has immunity. He cannot be voted off this week. Kini & Sean were partners in the “Rock the Wedding” design challenge. One had to create a wedding dress & the other a reception dress. Kini believed that he should've won the challenge because he created the dress & the top blouse over Sean's tuxedo pant design.

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