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Lifetime not suing TMZ over statements over 'True Tori' and Emily Goodhand

Left is actual size, Right is enlarged picture of Emily Goodhand
Left is actual size, Right is enlarged picture of Emily Goodhand

One of the questions not answered during the June 3, 2014 “Reunion” episode of Tori Spelling's reality show “True Tori” was whether Lifetime network is going to sue TMZ over TMZ News director Mike Walters' statements that "[Emily Goodhand] doesn't exist. In all the ways to check that people exist, she doesn't exist." He then went on to say about the “True Tori” show "This is all made up from scratch". TMZ has never repeated the statements but they haven't retracted them either. Kannie Yu LaPack Vice President, Publicity for A+E Networks which owns Lifetime responded to the question that they would not sue TMZ over these definitive statements. She would not however explain why they won't sue. TMZ messed up by not qualifying those statements by using terms like allegedly. Even though A+E lost money through decreased ratings caused by those that claimed “True Tori” is fake, they aren't suing them. TMZ head honcho Harvey Levin has just entered producing reality TV shows but Tori Spelling is not using her leverage to force him to give her one.

Another question not answered is why isn't Emily Goodhand suing Facebook for not fully deleting her information from the internet. Her Facebook page is gone and the Facebook photo that was linked by a third party charity website was supposed to be removed. Much effort was done in scrubbing all traces of Emily Goodhand from the internet but because of Facebook holding onto user data Emily Goodhand's picture was splashed over the net.

The third most important unanswered question which has been put to Tori Spelling's publicist, her brother, her marriage counselor, and several representatives of A+E is “What are they hiding?” It was first thought that they were just covering that the person in charge of the money at a production company affiliated with Dean McDermott's show “Chopped Canada” had sponsored Emily Goodhand at a charity event before she had slept with Dean McDermott. But even after it was reported they continue to stonewall.