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Lifestyles shift

The majority of American homeowners purchase multiple homes in their lifetimes.
The majority of American homeowners purchase multiple homes in their lifetimes.
First Time Home-Buyers, Move Up Buyers

Whether you’re ready or not, as life changes, so do your housing needs. Families grow. Careers unfold.

One way or another, your circumstances change, and you may find yourself looking for a more comfortable home, one that’s in a new locale, or just a better place for your current living pattern.

The home financing process has changed, too. Your lender can make moving to your next home easier. The vast menu of home financing options now available includes fast approval decisions, low down payment programs, and flexible rate, term, and closing cost options.

Financing a home is not a once-in-a-lifetime decision, and the financing package you used to buy your first home may not meet your needs the next time around. An experienced home mortgage originator will help you find a home financing solution that supports your current and future homeownership goals.

The majority of American homeowners purchase multiple homes in their lifetimes. Each time you buy a home, you need to reevaluate your needs and goals. So whether you are trading in your first home for a larger one nearby, relocating for the tenth time, or looking to move to a new area for a lifestyle change, your lender is here to help you reach your dreams.

Assembling the right TEAM

Real estate agents make it their business to know everything about communities and the homes within them. A good real estate agent can:

  • Establish what you want in a home. Communicating your desires is essential to helping your real estate agent find you the right home.
  • Search the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and other resources for homes that match your needs.
  • Show you appropriate homes.
  • Provide valuable information on communities, comparable values of neighboring homes, tax rates, and building code regulations.
  • Help you formulate an offer on the home you want to buy.
  • Act as an intermediary between you and the seller, smoothing the negotiating process.

When you’ve got a good list of names, interview at least two or three of the agents. In addition to having experience in the area where you hope to buy your home, the agent you choose should be trustworthy and easy to talk to. Tell them what you’re interested in and ask if they can provide some additional information about area schools, taxes, or some other special interest. Then see how quickly they respond and how accurately they follow your request. Once you’ve selected an agent, stick with that agent even when you’re looking at homes listed by other agencies. A good agent will make it his or her business to be familiar with all the listings in your chosen area. Contacting a different real estate agent simply because you’re attracted to a listing of theirs is counter-productive when you’ve built a level of familiarity and trust with your selected agent.

This article links to several different real estate agents in Indiana who are exceptional at what representing buyers and sellers.

  1. Theresa Catanese
  2. Darrell Powers
  3. Malvin Nyoni
  4. Mukul (Mike) Khanna

These are just a few top flight agents who will go above the call of service.

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