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Lifestyle: Redefining the American Dream

Home Sweet Home
Home Sweet Home

The American Dream as we know it is in tatters. For many, the hope of a big house equipped with fine furnishings and fancy cars has all but been left in the dust.

The fork in the road is right in front of us. However, every fork offers options. We can dwell on a future that might never come to pass or reshape the expectations of the here and now. Solutions are out there and ripe for the picking.

Living more simply is not such a bad thing and a real step forward on the path to better things. A house is not necessarily too small as many too often claim. It may just be crammed beyond maximum capacity with extraneous stuff.

When things get cleaned out and pared down, then every aspect of a house will get bigger and more spacious. As a result, it will begin to function more efficiently as well.

Once the clutter gets reduced to a dull roar, it will be easier to see, analyze and redefine the spaces within a home. Fix what is broken and improve on what is working for you and your family. Multipurpose rooms can also take you far in achieving your goals.

Everyone thrives on dreams but a healthy dose of reality once in a while can make a difference in your present well-being. Prepare for today and let a newly defined American Dream take you into tomorrow.

For more information on this topic, visit Simple Living Manifesto: 72 ideas to Simplify Your Life by Leo Babauta.

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