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Lifepath Guides, Our Sages and Their Sermons ~ ye devanam ~

Lifepath Guides, Our Sages and Their Sermons

Recitation of Benediction - *Swastivachanam* 8

~ ye devanam yajniya yajniyanam manoryajatra amrta rtajnah, teno rasantamurugayamadya yuyam pata svastibhih sada nah. ~

-Rigved 7/35/15

ye - who

devanam - amongst the learned

yajniyah - revered

yajniyanam - divinely

manoh - thoughtful

yajatrah - honoured

amrtah - free from the bondages of wordly life

rtajnah - observer of truth

te - they

nah - to us

rasantam - may grant us

urugayam - celebrated knowledge

adya - in this life

yuyam - you

pata - protect

svastibhih - blissful

sada - always

nah - us

May those sages who are worshipped and revered by the learned scholars, who are immortal, observers of truth and well-versed in spiritual knowledge, show us the path of duty and protect us by their blissful sermons.

The learning process of human beings starts from the time we open our eyes in this world and it goes on until we die. The natural knowledge of the soul is very limited. This universe is a marvellous creation of God and we learn a lot from it. Our main sources of learning are our teachers and preceptors. They have spent a great deal of their time to acquire knowledge and they have taken up the profession to pass on knowledge to the next generation.

Education can be divided into two parts. The first part trains us to earn our living. The education for our livelihood is also a vital part of life. The second part of education is where we learn ethics, morality and the values of life. This is in no way less important, in fact it is paramount for the advancement of not only spiritual life but also ordinary life.

In this mantra a devotee prays to the Almighty Lord for the high qualities of learned people so that they can become our true guiding light and source of inspiration.

God bless our scholars with such deep knowledge that they are honoured among the learned. May they command profound respect for their devotion and dedication towards their learning so they are envied by all. May they be thoughtful and considerate, respecting the feelings of others. May they be free from the bondages of wordly life like a lotus flower that grows in the pond and always remains above water. May they be observers of truth, worldly wise, followers of truth-at-heart, in speech and in action. Scholars of such great qualities bless us with profound knowledge through their sermons for our welfare.

-Prayers of Yajna

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