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'Life With My Sister Madonna' - The movie



  • thespindleshay 6 years ago


  • Yani-Yani Marie 6 years ago

    Yeah, WUT? o.O

    Adam Lambert as Sean Penn???????? What the hell?

  • Judy, Judy, Judy 6 years ago

    I think you may have something wrong in your article. Adam Lambert as Sean Penn. That doesn't make the least bit of sense. Unless of course there is another Adam Lambert beside the fabulous singer. Do you mean the actor Adam Lamberg? Which too is unlikely since I don't think he's even acting anymore. He did Lizzie McGuire then vanished.

  • kodi 6 years ago


  • Vickie 6 years ago

    I just have one question Sue. Are you on drugs? Someone is pulling your leg here and the funny part is, You fell for it! Tina Fey as Madonna? Adam Lambert as Sean Penn? As fabulous as those two are I don't think they could pull that off! How funny!!

  • what 6 years ago

    lol um.

  • zulu 6 years ago

    lolz.. what in the hellio?

  • Sunshine Peterman Indianapolis Adoptive Families E 6 years ago

    I remember having Madonna posters taped all over my room, awesome! I think she has been an amazing entertainer thru the last 3 decades, but a movie with Lady Gaga playing her??? That would seem to be a disservice and turn it all into a freakshow. Maybe I'll read the book.

  • Bluzulu 6 years ago

    They should really fu** with Madonna's head and have Cher play the old Madonna. LMFAO!!! Lady GaGa would never do it. She wouldn't want to make waves in the biz.

  • lenny 6 years ago

    So not true--how convenient that all the male actors are out gay men! And the addition of SISSY Spacek is so obviously a diss to all gay guys--has to be a joke.

  • sg72 6 years ago

    How do you hold down a job? Everything you "report", you made up in your head. You started this Brendan O'Brien rumor (that made MTV News, which he later denied) along w/ Nile Rodgers and Pat Leonard working on Madonna's new album (???). Guess it's just wishful thinking... Love you get paid to do so.

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