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Life: What's work got to do with it?


  • Got Passport 6 years ago

    We are not, waiting that is- the three of us are off to Thailand this summer. We are not sure when we are coming back.

    Great to see Dave and Deb, Deanne and Cody are mentioned here. We consider them our Friends also. There are many others doing the similar- living life full of experiences not stuff. We are too of the believe to NOT wait until that perfect time to enjoy the fruits of labor.. We want it now!

  • Sherry Ott 6 years ago

    I've been living a 'rich' (in experiences!) life for the last 3 1/2 years traveling and living around the world experiencing everything it has to offer. I think more and more Americans are starting to take career breaks and travel or volunteer more to live a more enriched life. Sometimes all you need is to know that others are doing it successfully. After my experiences I worked with a friend and we created a whole website dedicated to Americans who take career breaks and get out and explore the world. Lots of inspirational stories to read about people living rich lives! Check it out at - be inspired to live uniquely!

  • Lis Carpenter 6 years ago

    I have been reading Cody's blog and I think most people who have heard of Lifestyle Design have seen Tim Ferriss blog, but thanks for pointing out some new ones. I'll have to look at those two, those are some inspiring stories.

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