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Life transitions - finding your way

Look within to find your direction
Look within to find your direction
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As today’s world gets busier, and crazier it seems, most of us find ourselves being pulled in different directions as we make our way through our lives. Everything seems to be accelerating, sometimes at a breakneck pace. Some days we feel that we can’t see the whole of what we’re doing, because there are too many things that keep us occupied constantly without time to stop and assess things. Just when we feel that we should be able to start slowing down a bit, it seems that our lives become more complicated, rather than less so. Those of us who are approaching, or are already in, the second half of our lives may find ourselves starting to think of stepping off the revolving wheel of the work/home/work cycle. Finding a way to make a life change can be a major challenge to many of us if not downright impossible. Sometimes, we just need the right catalyst to help push us into making that change, and other times it can be as basic as finding our courage to step off that cliff and having the faith that someone or something will be there to catch us.

People speak of acts of heroism and going beyond the norm, but finding the courage and faith to walk a different life path is sometimes the most courageous act of all. Mary has been working in a cubicle in an office for a large part of her life, but now she feels she just cannot stand one more minute of it and finds herself with a dilemma: should she look for another job, even though she knows she may not find one easily that is willing to hire an older worker with similar benefits, or should she follow her intuition to write freelance, something she’s always wanted to do? David has worked for the same company for 20 years, but the company is changing rapidly and he knows that he’ll need to find a different job soon before the inevitable happens and he is forced to take early retirement.

Solution: schedule some time every day for yourself to just sit quietly and wait for your racing mind to calm down. Focus on your dilemma but open your mind to any and all possibilities, even if they seem too crazy. Eventually, the next steps on your life path will become clear, and you’ll find you know what you need to do. Let’s all try this together and see what happens!
Peace @-)-)-----