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Life Through Colors

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Larry “Rockette” Rockette, Terry “T Pope” Pope and James “DJ Jimbo” are known as Life Through Colors, a three-member American Gospel Hip-Hop group.

For these resilient young men, it’s not about having the perfect life, but rather the right perspective around who controls your life. Today, the rap trio is blazing a trail throughout the Southeast; using their collective gifts to inspire hope and change the lives of young people. Their journey of faith together is shaping their testimony, their sound and their destiny.

On March 3rd, Life Through Colors won the TRS 247 Indie Top Ten Music Countdown. I was able to ask these three talented performers a few questions. For the first time ever, I allowed all three of the band members to answer each question. Here is the interview:

1) How would you describe your genre your music?

Rockette: I would describe our music as transparent and truthful. We don't hold back anything.

T. Pope: I would describe our music definitely as new age inspiration. Inspiring not only our youth, but the elderly too. We are not what statistics say about us; we are not hopeless.

Jimbo: I would describe our music as inspiring music! It is very uplifting. We don't call it Hip-Hop, we call it Kingdom Muzik because it represents the Kingdom of Christ!

2) How long have you been pursuing your craft?

Rockette: I've been pursuing music for about fifteen years now.

T. Pope: I've been pursuing music for eighteen years now - a year and a half with LTC.

Jimbo: Me, personally, since 10th grade... so about eight years; but With my brothers we are going on two years in August!

3) How is the music industry in your area?

Rockette: The music industry in my area is growing. There are so many talented artists in the Alabama/Mississippi area. However, artists in the south have to work a little harder to get the exposure needed to be successful in this business.

T. Pope: The music industry is suffering down here in the lower south; not a lot of opportunities here so we have to strive harder and venture out.

Jimbo: The music industry isn't big. It is growing due to the success of the late Doe B, who just passed in December. He actually was and still is opening a lot of doors here in Montgomery.

4) How have you evolved personally and musically since you first began your journey?

Rockette: I've matured a lot spiritually and I thank God for that. My music motivates me to be an example of what happens when a person “beats the odds.” Musically, I've grown a lot. I'm more focused than I was before and I think my lyrics reflect my determination.

T. Pope: I feel I've grown so much simply because I've been exposed to so much in my years.

Jimbo: When I first started, I was doing worldly music, so I've grown spiritually and mentally. I've been through a lot of stuff since I started and that has helped me to evolve into an artist.

5) How do you measure success?

Rockette: Success for me is living my life spreading the Gospel full time and enjoying it everyday.

T. Pope: I measure success personally off of how I feel inside; my soul tells me when enough is enough.

Jimbo: By how many people we can reach out and touch with our music!

6) What has being an independent artist taught you?

Rockette: It's taught me that you must keep pushing no matter how hard things may get. You should never give up on your dreams.

T. Pope: Being an artist taught me my strengths and weaknesses musically. Also, I've learned who I can and can't depend on - on my way to God's desired end.

Jimbo: That you have to enjoy the small victories, but even with that, remain humble and focus on your goal! It's not about your timing - it is all on God's watch!

7) What is the best advice you can give to another Indie Artist?

Rockette: My advice would be to believe in yourself and don't let anyone discourage you.

T. Pope: I would tell indie artists to keep pushing. Stay ready and pick your places wise. Saying yes to everything can do more harm than good at times.

Jimbo: Stay hungry and keep pushing! Enjoy every minute of the highs and the lows, it helps you grow as an artist. Also, never let anyone destroy your dream! Dreaming is a form of planning.

8) How do you engage with your fans?

Rockette: We interact with our fans every chance we get, whether it's via Facebook, Twitter, email or at a performance.

T. Pope: We love our fans as if they are part of this LTC team.

Jimbo: Love them like family! Fans are what makes LTC Go!

9) Are you currently performing and touring?

Rockette: We're not currently touring. However, we are getting calls and accepting invitations to events.

T. Pope: We're not touring, but getting a lot of calls from all around.

Jimbo: We are performing gigs here and there. We are getting new opportunities daily.

You can connect with Life Through Colors online:

Twitter: @lifethrucolors
Instagram: @lifethroughcolors

The TRS Top Ten Countdown, where Life Through Colors won, can be heard here;

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