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Life success coach for struggling bowlers? Something to consider.

Judi Turkheimer is the founder of Color Your Rainbow Coaching.
Judi Turkheimer is the founder of Color Your Rainbow Coaching.
Courtesy of Judi Turkheimer

The bowling blues can strike anytime – and players can suddenly find themselves underperforming for any particular reason.

Sometimes the way to get back on track is to consult a bowling coach or a trusted friend.

But even then, the doldrums might continue.

So what to do in that case?

Perhaps it’s time to call in the heavy hitters, namely a personal success coach. Now this is a remedy that is rarely discussed – if at all – when a bowler encounters the dreaded slump that has him or her wondering whether it’s time to pack it in.

So how can a personal success coach aid a bowler who's in duress?

Judi Turkheimer is such a coach and the New Jersey resident says she “can help anyone who wants to be honest with themselves and move their lives forward.”

That includes all athletes. Bowlers too.

Judi is not a regular bowler but nevertheless is very passionate about helping bowlers – or anyone for that matter – in need. She holds smart, well-thought-out opinions that definitely represent an out-of-the-box approach to curing one’s bowling ills.

Here’s what Judi emailed me when I asked her what she could do to help bowlers:
“Imagine the pins are your life’s challenges. You throw and throw and the ball keeps landing in the gutter. You are frustrated, feeling powerless or victimized. It feels like no matter what you do, your ball still goes in the gutter.

“Working with a coach trains you to knock down the pins or challenges in your life. Shifting the trajectory, or your perception, can have you bowling strikes every time you play the game of life. As you heal and learn to love yourself, rolling a strike, literally or metaphorically, becomes the norm rather than the exception.

“Working with a life coach is similar to working with an athletic coach. I’ll encourage, support and teach you, while holding you accountable, raising the bar and demanding your best.”

Judi is the founder of Color Your Rainbow Coaching and she explains the meaning of the name of her company this way: “As rainbows are always borne of an atmospheric storm, often the most profound insights into our souls happen as a result of our personal storms.

“Just like the beauty and wonder of the rainbow, when we take the time to learn from our struggles, our lives improve and show us light where there once was dark. Coaching is a process by which people find joy, abundance and love by moving through their challenges, breaking down patterns and beliefs that no longer serve, and learning to love themselves. As a unique soul, your rainbow colors are wholly unique to you.”

A few local ace bowlers, not aware of Judi’s particular approach, were divided in their opinion on how much a life success coach could help them.

Elizabeth Fonvergne, who has blasted four prefect games, said she saw benefits that such a coach could provide under certain circumstances.

“If I felt I was struggling with my game, and it was mental and not physical, I definitely would talk to someone [such as a life coach],” said Elizabeth, adding that “the game is 90 percent mental.”

Val Stoy, who has averaged over 200 for the last 25 years of her bowling career, was not so convinced about a life success coach’s relevance to the bowling world.

“Once you put your shoes on,” Val said, “it’s all about the mechanics.”

Elite bowler Johnnie Englehart, who forsakes any personal bowling coaches, also was skeptical of a life coach. “You should be able to fix your own problems,” he said. “Maybe you should take a peek in the mirror.”

Perhaps one way of looking at Judi’s approach is that it may be of service to some and not others. For those who think it could help, perhaps it would. Many who have worked with Judi have enjoyed transforming results.

Said Judi: “Athletes generally strive to be their best at their chosen sport. Oftentimes, a personal challenge can interfere with an athletic performance. Indeed, challenges can interfere with your overall quality of life and influence well beyond your bowling game.”

Judi has a master’s degree in teaching and is a graduate of the advanced coach training program at Coach University in Steamboat Springs, Colo. She can be contacted at 732-821-2996.

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