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LIfe & Style behind the times on Sandra Bullock & Jon Gosselin

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If you head over to this week's stories on the Life & Style website you will find really outdated stories on both Sandra Bullock and Jon Gosselin.

Rogue TLC star Jon Gosselin got a job weeks ago and fans and unfans alike have been mulling over this latest domestic development on comment pages and have already worn the story thin. Print magazines have a real challenge on their hands as online tabloids give up to the minute and even live reports of the latest celebrity gossip. Sorry Life & Style but you get a fail on this latest oh so tired scoop. Why no mention of the latest Jon story involving contempt of court charges in his ongoing custody battle with ex-wife Kate, or is that for next week?

It is possible Jon begged for a good news story to push back the negative court issues but when you see the Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds "It's Over" headline you realize Life & Style is just pathetically behind the latest gossip. We have already heard Sandra insist that she does not get Ryan's after dark loving! And we believe her!

We do feel bad about the whole bang thing and lovely Sandra somehow looking reminiscent of the sleazy Bombshell McGee. I blame the bang fiasco on Taylor Swift who looked really hot with bangs at an MTV event. Sandra if you want to stick with the bangs then I suggest you go blonde.

There must be a large print audience that does not access the web and they do need to be entertained so stories like this will continue until they can't afford the magazines when inflation forces them to budget cut their pension money.

Meanwhile, the online droves of gossip readers can not be fooled. They will dig up their own court evidence as seen in my last story on the Gosselins.

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