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Life's constant shift

     One thing that is certain about life is that the only constant is change. In life we can be sad one minute and happy the next; we can have the best of times and the worst of times; we can be centered, together, and whole in one instant and feel like a wreck the next. As we grow in our awareness of our Inner Divinity we are acutely aware of what used to be subtle changes within us. These changes can be caused by external situations, right? Wrong. The external changes are created from a shift inside of us. Remember we are The Creator in action, so as we perceive differently life shifts to give us what we have chosen to experience. It is we who are constantly changing and life is just interacting with us as it always has: Allowing us to experience what we need to get to where we want to go (The Process of Spiritual Evolution). So as we become more aware of our inner life, we can become consciously pliant toward our external experience. Once we understand that what is occurring externally is actually a created reaction to what we have internally chosen to create, we can stop playing the victim role and begin taking greater responsibility for what IS. Spiritual Evolution is all that is going on and life, internally and externally, will be constantly shifting for this purpose and this purpose alone. We can have Faith in the process though, because it is one of pure Love. But we alone have to power to choose to remember that life is all moving exactly as it is meant to – joy or sadness, pain or pleasure, laughter or sorrow – it is all for the greater Universal Truth of growth…

     Can I feel my pain without suffering?

     Can I look through my anger and see compassion?

     Can I experience the joy of my sadness?

     Can I accept the totality of my existence as a thoroughly positive one?


(Let your Inner Divinity guide you)


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