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Life pace

What kind of pace are you pushing to meet in your life today? Are you living in the moment, taking it all in and enjoying the journey or are you busy multitasking, speeding through a to do list a mile long and living for the future? I’m not knocking someone who works hard, stays focused and makes the most out of each and every moment in order to reach success but I do think there is a value to slowing down a bit and absorbing more from the daily routine. I feel, in most cases, quality trumps quantity and when you’re running around juggling life, quality is sacrificed along with your peace of mind.

Don't fly through life, you'll miss too much.
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Think about the road of life, how much can you actually take in when you’re traveling 70 mph down this highway?

How about this analogy, did you know that the average life span of a turtle is 100 years or more? shared, “The world’s oldest captive animal died in 2006 in Brisbane, at the estimated age of 176 years. It was a female giant Galapagos tortoise named Harriet, and was the last living witness to Charles Darwin’s most famous voyage.” Compare this to our lifespan; if we’re lucky we’ll make it into our 80’s. Maybe a slow and steady pace isn’t so bad after all; it seems to be working for the turtles!

On day 21 of the latest Oprah/Deepak meditation series Deepak stated, “To become enlightened you stop running all of the time and begin to walk. Once you are walking, you slow down and stop. Once you stop you see who you really are.”
If you are struggling to gain balance and clarity in your life, perhaps the solution will be found by adjusting your pace. Slow down a bit and take in the view; live in the moment it actually feels pretty good. There isn’t regret, guilt or anxiety in the present moment. Ah, what a feeling; try it on!

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