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Life Olympics for men, part 2


US Team AP Photo/Canadian Press/Jonathon Hayward

In part 1 of this posting, I talked about experts attributing long-term success for men to the fact that they were passionate about what they did for a living. Okay, fair enough. But if that’s the case then how do we find out what those passions are and then, just as importantly, how do we turn our lives around to follow our dreams with all the responsibilities we have on a daily basis. Everyone wants a life that’s a series of gold-medal winning moments but, it’s safe to say, even if the old 401(k) is on it’s way back up, most of us aren’t going to tell the boss to go fly a kite so we can go fly fish fulltime (as much as we’d like to!).

Well it seems that bestselling authors Janet and Chris Attwood have come up with a simple yet ingenious way to get to the bottom of the question that so many men are still asking, namely…”What do I want to do with my life?” Their answer is The Passion Test, based on their New York Times bestseller of the same name. The Passion Test takes you through a process to arrive at the five most important things in your life at this moment. Whether it’s about money, success, family, running a river outfitter, giving back, climbing Everest, whatever, The Passion Test shows you the score. And while it’s called a test, it’s the only one you’ll never fail because it’s about you and for you.

When I first did it I was amazed. And without question, all of my clients who’ve done it had similar reactions. And after the amazement comes the excitement. Clarity baby! Yup, clarity is the key. When you know, that you know, that you know. That, in it self, is worth the price of admission. And getting clear about what’s important paves the way for some real planning to take place. Stay tuned for Part 3 of this post on winning the gold medal in your life.


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