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Life of a New York Jets blogger

Jets make interesting decision regarding bloggers
Photo by Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images

As a fan of the New York Jets since 1986 I have experienced so many moments with Gang Green, both good and bad. From the exciting come from behind victories and "The Monday Night Miracle", to the "Fake Spike Game" and the disappointing championship game losses. It has been a wild roller coaster ride with the Green and White, but there is no other team I would rather follow and support.

Approximately ten years ago I decided to write about the team that I live and die for on Sunday afternoons. My goal was to communicate views on the New York Jets from a fan perspective, as that sometimes gets lost in the mainstream media. Far too often it seemed like reporters were focused on gathering headlines while there were several other stories that the "true fans" were interested in.

As I started to publish articles I never realized how much time and effort goes into putting together a draft that is ready for the masses to view. From the fact finding to the ebb and flow of the article, it appears to be much easier than it really is. The last thing that you want is a post that lacks reason or accuracy as your credibility will go right out the window.

Over the years I have learned a lot while covering the New York Jets and have experienced some great moments which include interviewing a few of my favorite players : Keyshawn Johnson, Victor Green, Kerry Rhodes, and Nick Mangold. My scope on the team has broadened and I have been offered opportunities to write for different websites such as CBS Sports NY as a result.

One of the biggest challenges of being a New York Jets blogger is getting unique information on the team. The Jets as an organization have decided to prevent bloggers from getting credentialed to team camps and practices. This decision forces aspiring journalists such as myself to use the information that is being provided by the team's beat writers as their foundation to write an article. The problem with this process is that many times this information from the beat is already skewed and sometimes tainted with built in opinions. It is like giving an opinion on an opinion, if that makes any sense. In addition, there are also times when the local reporters become consumed with the flashy headlines, therefore leaving out stories that many of the "die hard" fans are interested in. Yes, a quarterback controversy sells newspapers, but the stories about the battles at the cornerback and wide receiver positions are just as important to the readers.

As a blogger that has covered the New York Jets for over ten years I wish that the organization would reconsider their stance on fan websites. It is understandable that the team cannot let every "Tom, Dick, and Harry" into the complex but at the same time there are some websites/bloggers that take their writing very seriously and put a tremendous amount of time and effort into covering Gang Green. These websites are helping promote the New York Jets brand while broadening the spectrum and interest in the team. In my opinion, the addition of a few credentials could only enhance the coverage of the franchise.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post as I just wanted to share some background on blogging about the New York Jets. As always, feedback is appreciated and respected.

To all of those bloggers that are doing the right thing while covering Gang Green: keep up the great work as there are thousands of fans all over the world that truly appreciate the content that you are providing.

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