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Life navigational tools

As defined by Microsoft instinct means, “a strong natural impulse.” When I think of instinct I think about animals and how they naturally know things, it is pretty amazing. I believe this to be a built in reflex gifted by God. I also believe we have this natural instinct too, it is reactive, without thought, but in a good way.

There is celestial power bigger than us and we're able to tap into this source through our intuition.
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Another natural insight we have is our intuitive nature although unlike instinct, with practice, intuition can be developed. As we learn to quiet our minds and bodies, we become more in tune with this knowing channeled from a source beyond the physical. I believe we can strengthen our intuition by practicing and embracing moments of silence intertwined in spiritual activities like prayer, meditation, creativity and yoga. shares this about intuition, “When it comes to human development, one of the most important things we believe all of us need to learn is the ability to function intuitively.

The benefits of living with intuition are immense:

* A study in the Newark College of Engineering showed that CEOs
who demonstrate intuition create more PROFITS for their business

* Intuitive people are known for being more creative, more successful
and living happier lives.

* Intuition helps you set the 'right' goals...and move confidently towards
them as your inner sense nudges you in right directions.

* Intuition makes you more empathetic and understanding of others...
and thus a human being who is a better leader, manager or parent.

But most importantly...

Intuition is a TRAINABLE skill. Just like a muscle, you need to
build it.

Most of us don't. And living without this sixth sense is like having a
major part of your being 'amputated'.”

Instinct and intuition are amazing navigational life tools that we are born with but they are different. It is important to understand how each works in order to fully utilize them. If you would like to live a more fulfilled and balanced life, silence the drama with a retreat into self. This practice will offer clarity beyond human intellect. Try it!

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