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Life, much like a jigsaw puzzle

When I was growing up we often had a jigsaw puzzle in process on a card table sitting in the corner of the room. It was a joint project with all of us contributing our talents piecing the puzzle together. We started with the border and then each of us would focus on a certain section until we had a finished puzzle to show for our efforts. Lately I have had the itch to work on a puzzle so I purchased one with 500 pieces and couldn’t wait to get started. However, the seal was no sooner broken on the box when I realized this would be an individual project. I would not be getting assistance from anyone and all of a sudden the puzzle lost some of its appeal.

It wasn’t long before I made the connection between a person’s life and a jigsaw puzzle. We are born as one piece of the puzzle and the size of the puzzle grows and our life changes and grows. The outside frame is the foundation, much like the firm foundation my parents gave me. They loved me and in the process taught me to love. My parent’s cared for me, and in the process I learned to care for others. I learned respect, responsibility, honesty, trust, all traits of a person that was given a firm foundation. The traits are much like the pieces of a puzzle, all individual pieces until fully assembled to form a finished project.

I would like to think that as a parent I have given my children a firm foundation on which they can build on. Just as my parents worked on me, added a piece here and there, I want to continue to build my children up to be a big, 1000 piece puzzle with interlocking pieces. Puzzles used to be fun because of the interaction between others, now it is a prime time for contemplation.

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