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Life lessons from the annoyingly positive people in your life

Learning from the happy people in your life
Learning from the happy people in your life
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There is one particular person in my life who is excruciatingly chipper (excruciating is my opinion, not hers). As much as I appreciate her outlook, there is an undertone of irritation on my part. I find myself wondering if she is really that happy or faking it to keep herself from crashing down. As I have gotten to know her, and truly like her, I have come to realize that she is one of those rare individuals that chooses to look at the bright side and brush off annoyances rather than get sucked into the negative. Once I figured this out, I began trying to adopt a bit of her behavior.

Here’s another example. Many of us know folks that prefer “all gossip all the time” and they can have a similar effect in the negativity department. We all like all juicy information every so often, however there are some that take every opportunity to judge, talk about, and ridicule people. They seem to derive a joy, or maybe bolster their insecure selves, from this behavior and after a while, they become sad to be around because their self-dissatisfaction becomes so apparent. Alternately, yet rarely, you will find those (like my friend with the annoying enthusiasm) who will focus on the positive attributes of these same individuals that would be gossiped about by the other person. She will comment on their work ethic, quick aptitude for learning, nice smile, sense of humor, or whatever else may apply.

True enough, hardly anyone can relate to someone who is happy all of the time, and there are times when we truly want to commiserate and complain as opposed to trying to remain optimistic. However, it seems there is an overabundance of people with whom to share the gripes. Fewer and farther between are the people that see hardships, health issues, negative personalities, and challenges and still choose to plug along with a smile on their face, a spring in their step, and refuse to attach to the negative aspects of the situation. These are the traits I am trying to learn from my friend.

Do I think this friend of mine is any happier than anyone else? Probably not since she has her own issues to contend with, but I think her perspective makes those issues more digestible and improves her outlook, which then improves her perception, and ultimately improves the reality she is living in.