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Life journey leads to book for native Baltimorean

Danielle J. Hall, author of Love, Lust and Redemption
Danielle J. Hall, author of Love, Lust and Redemption
taken by V. M. Oliver-Lawson

Thursday June 5, 2014 presented an opportunity for this writer to interview up and coming author Danielle J. Hall who recently released her new book.

'Love, Lust and Redemption' is the story of four women desperately seeking love in all the wrong places. The book takes its readers on a journey as the women rebuild and mend relationship and love themselves in the process.

Danielle J. Hall, a native of Baltimore, penned the words to this tome. She wanted to find a way to help people who are hurting. She is a businesswoman, a cosmetologist of 21 years and has been a life coach for 4 years. Her sister, Adriane Smith, assisted her in putting the book together through editing and cover design.

Hall graduated from Baltimore City College High School (Danielle Pittman) and found herself, in 2009 at a women's conference, influenced by Iyanla Vanzant to begin life coaching. Upon discovering life coaching, she said it just came naturally to her.

Writing has always been her passion and English, her favorite subject in school. She said she has always been attached to writing. When she decided she wanted to write a book, it was not a difficult task because she has always loved writing.

After reading 'Love, Lust and Redemption', Hall says she wants the readers to realize their worth, to overcome obstacles and be redeemed from any bad choices in which they may find themselves.

Hall is currently working on the sequel to 'Love, Lust and Redemption' and hopes to release it later in the year. She advises people of all ages "to love yourself. We should fall in love with self, then we open up for others to love us in the way we should be loved".

Danielle J. Hall can be reached at or PO Box 3671, Baltimore, MD 21204.

Her website is

Her book is available on the website,, Kindle and

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