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'Life is Strange' is the new game from the developers of 'Remember Me'

Screenshot, concept art, and logo of Life is Strange.
Screenshot, concept art, and logo of Life is Strange.

On Monday, Japanese publisher Square-Enix announced "Life is Strange" by Dontnod Entertainment, the developers behind the "Remember Me."

The developers behind Remember Me are back with a new game.
Photo courtesy of Square-Enix, used with permission.

Announced on the official Square-Enix blog, "Life is Strange" is not only an entirely new IP for the publisher, but it will also apparently tread new grounds in terms of narrative and gameplay as well. “What if this title was wholly different to anything we have ever attempted before, both in gameplay and narrative?,” Square-Enix asks. “What if this title was released digitally as regular episodic content, with each new chapter building and evolving based on the choices you made in previous episodes? What if we now gave all of this a name: Life is Strange?” Based on Square-Enix's tease, it sounds like "Life is Strange" will be released episodically, similarly to Telltale Games' "The Walking Dead," and echo the zombie game's morality-based gameplay too.

Here's the official story synopsis for "Life is Strange" from Square-Enix.

Max Caulfield has been absent from Arcadia Bay, Oregon for five years now. Upon returning home she discovers that Rachel Amber, a fellow senior at school, has disappeared under mysterious and rather uncomfortable circumstances. While trying to uncover the truth Max reunites with an old friend, Chloe, and makes a startling discovery: Max has the power to rewind time…

Thus begins the story for a game that everyone here at Square Enix has fallen in love with. I know I've mentioned this before, but Life is Strange is something entirely different - we've teamed up with DONTNOD Entertainment (the guys and girls behind 'Remember Me') and they've delivered some amazing stuff. Each and every texture in Life is Strange is a hand drawn work of art and every action enacts a butterfly effect - but with the power to rewind time, what would you change? And would it turn out to be a change for the better or worse?

Back in 2013, Dontnod released "Remember Me" for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC. Distributed by Capcom, "Remember Me" was initially turned down by many publishers for having a female protagonist over the traditional male action hero. The game was ambitious for its memory-manipulated gameplay, but received mixed reviews from critics and poor sales. It was later rumored that Dontnod were filling for bankruptcy following the commercial flop of "Remember Me," which was later denied by the company's CEO.

Now, Dontnod is back with "Life is Strange" and based on its description, it seems to carry on key traits of "Remember Me." Dontnod's new game remains female-driven and promises a strong story and new gameplay experience to go with it. Hopefully, "Life is Strange" will live up to its ambitious premise when it's released on PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PC. A playable preview of the game will be available to journalist attending Gamescom 2014 this week.

A slideshow of "Life is Strange" is available for viewing.

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