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Life is Short Hike

Get away and get exercise
Get away and get exercise
Lucinda Roth

Have you woke up in the morning and wondered what happened to your life? Maybe you have a dream of what life should be life and your life is nothing like it. Maybe you wish you could just check out and get away from life for a day or a week or maybe even a year. It could be a series of things that pushed you to this point. Alternatively you may just have one things that totally ticked you off. Whatever the cause the effect is here.

Escape and get exercise
Photo by Dean Mouhtaropoulos/Getty Images

Hiking may be your solution. It is relatively cheap. Typically all you need is a good pair of shoes and maybe a bit of gas for a drive. However gas is optional. No matter where you life you can find someplace to hike, even if it is just in the urban jungle we call cities. Sometime you can find a relatively isolated street that is still safe and go for your hiking adventure there. Note the beautiful green undergrowth (aka grass), the trees, wildlife (aka birds and dogs) and the unique buildings. Imagine a wild animal behind you and run. Run faster and faster as you imagine all your troubles slip away. Jump on a low brick wall if you have exceptional balance and imagine yourself on a log across a ravine. Let your body run down the street getting exercise and releasing those endorphins and realize life is good and when you exercise it can be great. If you do not feel imagination is enough you can alternatively run to a local park, even if it is just a pocket park and get exercise there where the abundant greenery will help remove the weight of the day's stress and the frustration you feel.