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Life inspires Baltimore author to help others through literacy

Up and Coming Author, Diane Witherspoon
Up and Coming Author, Diane Witherspoon
by V. M. Oliver-Lawson

As this writer moves about Baltimore, she often meets interesting personalities. Thursday, June 12, 2014 presented an opportunity to meet up and coming author, Diane Witherspoon. The conversation subsequently evolved into an interview which concluded on Wednesday, June 18, 2014.

Diane is an administrative assistant with a Bachelors' degree in English from Towson State University and an Associates' Degree in Computer Science from Central Florida Community College. She is the mother of one adult son.

As an English connoisseur, Diane has a passion for literacy. She has written 3 children's books as a part of a series entitled, 'Madison's Adventures'. The books are scheduled to be released in either late 2014 or early 2015 by Tate Publishing, out of Oklahoma.

'Madison and the Family Tree' is the story of a girl named Madison, who is upset that her father never comes to see her. She prepares a family tree for a classroom assignment, but does not want to include her father in the family tree. Through her mother, she learns a valuable lesson.

The second of the series is entitled, 'Madison and the Red Bandanna'. Madison finds a red bandanna and has to deal problems that it causes within a friendship. The book provides a valuable lesson about gangs.

In 'Madison and the Schoolyard Bully', Madison has a friend who is constantly absent from school due to bullying. Madison's friend provides a valuable lesson in how to handle the problem of bullying.

Witherspoon said she wrote the books from an inspiration. She says, "I was inspired because I grew up as a kid with a lot of pain and felt I wasn't loved at home. I began feeling empathy with other kids who had the same problem. I had social problems and carried that pain around and went through bad relationships as a result. My heart goes out to people who deal with issues of a social nature. I also taught English and math at a correctional facility for juveniles and I learned that they weren't given the care at home and therefore resorted to crimes. Those kids were hurting and I wanted to plant a seed in children's minds when they are young and to teach them lessons about why these things happen. When I look at a kid in a gang, I understand that that kid might not feel loved. I am moved to feel compassionate instead of hate for them."

She started the series seven months ago. She was sitting at her desk on the job and, having not much to do that day, the idea just popped in her mind about the family tree. She started jotting ideas down and even came up with a picture of the little girl she wanted as the main character of the story. The inspiration for the other books came later.

Witherspoon said God inspires her because once she became a more spiritual person, she realized a need to give back to society. She thinks God has inspired her to help people.

This is only the beginning for Diane Witherspoon. She is currently working on a website as well as marketing her books for release.

Diane Witherspoon may be contacted at

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