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'Life Inside Out' film coming to festivals in July

Maggie Baird, an unschooling mom and actress in Los Angeles, CA discovered the secret to being an engaged unschooling mom, and following her own bliss. “This has been a big parenting lesson for me,” Maggie said. “You can actually do it all—as long as you take it really slowly.” Maggie’s family and a good portion of her homeschool support group were actively involved in making the film.

In 2000, Baird recorded a CD of her own music called “My Father’s Daughter.” In 2010, she started writing a screenplay with her good friend Lori Nasso, a fellow actress and former “Saturday Night Live” writer. A year and a half later, “Life Inside out” was ready to become a movie. The kickstarter campaingn in 2012 was a success, raising 118% of funds to make the movie.

Presently, the film is on tour with two upcoming festivals in Palatine, Illinois and Cape Cod.

Festival news:

  • Black Hills Film Festival - Best Feature Film!!
  • The Lighthouse International Film Festival - Audience Award

Two festivals coming up:

To learn about the making of the film: Check out the blog “How Many Homeschoolers Does it Take to Make a Movie?” and the blog post "Follow Your Bliss."

To help spread the word:

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