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Life Got You Down? Do Something Amazing in 2014

You work, you rest and if you’re lucky you get a little bit of time for some play. Each day and week melts into one, your routine is set in stone and although life is good you now feel a little bored. Boredom is never good and when you become fed up with life it can lead to a serious case of the blues. One way to wake yourself up and start getting the most out of life once more is to do something you wouldn’t normally do, to put yourself out there. Here are some ideas on what you can do this year to get you out of your slump.

Create Your Own Bucket List

A lot of people talk about their bucket list, a list of things you’d like to accomplish in your lifetime, but not many people take the time to actually sit down and write one. If you don’t write everything down it’s hard to keep a track of your wishes and you can forget that you’ve actually achieved a dream. Today is a great day to pick up a pen and paper or open Word and write down your bucket list. Once you’ve finished, rip out the paper or print it out and stick it on your notice board or fridge, somewhere you’ll see it each day. You can then begin to focus on the things you want to achieve and start making them happy. Each time you complete something remember to mark it off the list so you can see what you’ve achieved.

Go Offline!

The Internet is a brilliant tool but it’s also the biggest time waster out there. Most people notice how much they can get done when their connection goes down but yet they remain online for hours at a time once it’s fixed again. Do yourself a big favour and aim to stay offline for a whole week. You can still check your emails for work of course but avoid checking websites, reading the news and stay clear of Facebook and any other time wasters. See what you can achieve in that one week, you’ll be amazed. Once the week is over pick one day per week (or more) when you stay offline.

Book an Adventure

When was the last time you had an adventure? Can you even remember? When we were young each day meant a whole new adventure with our friends. We’d explore new areas of town or play new games that would work the imagination. As adults we often lose this adventurous side but you can find it again with ease. An easy way to find adventure is by booking a holiday with Span Africa Adventures. Pick a holiday that will push you, revive you and get you away from spending the week sunbathing on the beach.

Breaking your usual routine and trying new things is a great way of giving your life back some meaning. Do something that excites you, that pushes you and that you’ve dreamed of doing but never managed to do before and you’re passion for life will be renewed.