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Life experiencing life that's what's going on

What are you, what is your purpose here, what does it all mean? These are questions that most people ask from the time of childhood till the day they leave this physical body. People have been attempting to give explanations for the meaning and purpose of life since the beginning of mankind being able to question. If you are satisfied with the answer that you have then read no further. How ever if you still have a few lingering questions read on.

Today we have at our disposal many tools to answer life's questions that up until a few hundred years ago were only guesswork. Scientists can now look into the varied aspects of life itself pulling cells apart, labeling and tagging them. One thing that they've discovered is that life is abundant, all life regardless of its form is the same. Molecules of energy come together to create what we call physical form. It doesn't matter what this form is, the human body, an animal shape, or fish, life is energy.

In man's attempt to explain himself and what he is in his relationship to all other forms complicated rituals and religious dogma have been created. It has been said that some GOD outside of ourselves created all that we see and that we must somehow work our way back to GOD's good Graces. How ever if it is true what is said in the old testament of the Christian Bible in the book of Genesis; and GOD created man to be in his own image, this would change everything. If mankind is the same energy that GOD, the Creator is then we would no longer have to look outside ourselves for answers.

When we accept that we are creative life force energy or is Neal Donna Walsh says GOD godding, it changes the perception of everything. We come to realize that we are responsible for all the experiences in our life, that we are life experiencing itself through each of these creations. Being that life in energy bringing forth more energy into form and more of oneself; LIFE, is what you are. This should change your attitude about all of your experiences in life. Accepting that you are responsible for everything gives you an idea of just how powerful you are to create something different.

Until and unless you're willing to take responsibility for being the creator of your life experiences you will not be able to consciously work with your creative powers to bring about anything much different than what you've already experienced. Let go of the conflicting beliefs that somehow life happens to you and realize that you are life bringing about into form different aspects of life to interact with. You are creator bringing life into form so that you may more deeply and widely experience yourself as life.

When you understand this principle you can move forward creating in your own image and likeness using the source energy. that you are. This is when a life really begins to be fun as you understand and accept your own power to create and to interact with the creations of all other creators.

You are the one doing it, stop blaming GOD and others. Step up to the plate and create consciously.

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