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Life Challenge International: staring down Goliath

Life Challenge International, a vision born in the Silicon Valley, is making an impact on the drug culture in India.
Life Challenge International, a vision born in the Silicon Valley, is making an impact on the drug culture in India.

Start-up businesses are nothing new in the Silicon Valley as rarely a week goes by without millionaires being established in some capacity. Many of the premier businesses started from humble beginnings in a corner of a garage or sharing space in a utility room, a testimony to the fact that America offers vast potential to whoever has a vision.

About ten years ago, one of the members of Camden Assembly of God Church in Campbell had a vision, but this vision was ridiculous huge, so big one would probably be a little embarrassed to share it. If God gives a vision, you can bet it is enough to scare you.

This vision involved the entire country of India, home to over a billion individuals and locked into a traditional system thousands of years old.

The story of Binush and Indira Matthew John began as millions of other stories, a story of personal sacrifice and courage to come to a country pregnant with opportunity, an irresistible draw that pulls on those the world over. Obtaining sufficient clearance to come to America is a miracle unto itself, something many Americans born in this country take for granted.

Indira trekked to America first and was followed by Binush much later, a process followed by many married couples that desire to immigrate to this land of opportunity. Indira’s job skills brought her to the tech region known in India for being the hub of computer technology.

One would be hard pressed to find a more complimentary couple better equally yoked than Binush and Indira. When Binush finally was able to secure the necessities for coming to America, he found a job working for Teen Challenge, a faith based substance abuse program founded by the legendary David Wilkerson which has the reputation of having an unprecedented success rate for rehabilitation.

Teen Challenge's effectiveness was rooted in the spiritual birth that results in becoming a follower of Jesus Christ, something that dwarfed the success rate of other secular drug rehab programs. Binush witnessed these miracle transformations first hand. The results spoke for itself.

Binush became inspired. What if a similar program could be brought to India to help deal with its monumental drug problem?

There was a mountain or reasons why one could answer no. A Christian based program of this type has never been attempted before much less dedicated to dealing with the substance abuse problem which was prolifically worse than America’s drug issues. In America there are all types of support. At the time in India, there was absolutely nothing. You had prison, you had the streets…and that was basically it. Everyone waited for you to die.

There was a massive orphan and HIV problem for children left to care for themselves. The task was a Goliath nobody was willing to bet on.

That was ten years ago, and this is today.

If the stories could all be articulated concerning what God has done through Binush and Indira, one just would not believe it. There have been mountains climbed and rivers forged to be sure, but if one would inspect what is happening now compared to what was happening then, one would have to admit that God is working a miracle through the ministry of Life Challenge International.

The ten-year impact to various areas of India is stunning.

There are two Life Challenge International fundraising events called “Oasis of Hope” that are being conducted within the next week, one is scheduled today, May 10, Saturday at the International Christian Center beginning at 5PM at 3275 Williams Road, San Jose, CA, 95117; and the second is this following Saturday, May 17th, 5PM at the Lutheran Social Services of NorCal at 988 Oak Grove Road in Concord, CA, 94518. The doors open at 4PM for snacks and tea at both events.

When was the last time you were genuinely excited about something and were tickled just to be involved?

In this time where there is such a pull to grab your attention, the ministry of Binush and Indira is as authentic and genuine as it can get.

There is a popular Christian song by Matthew West called, “Do Something”. Should you come, guard your heart because you are quite liable to lose it.

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